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Archive | Best Fresh Websites RSS feed for this section

Volkswagen: Introducing The Fresh VW.com Site

Ok so it’s not exactly brand fresh, but you’ve most likely not seen the movie for the fresh VW.com site. Volkswagen has rethought the entire online car shopping process and built the fresh vw.com with inspiration from dating sites. With the vision that finding the ideal car shouldn’t be as hard as finding the ideal date. [. ]

Introducing The Fresh MySpace

25. September 2012

Last time you most likely heard about MySpace, it was sold for $35 million, down from a $550 million buy price just a few years before…, Part of that headline was that Justin Timberlake bought into it, and now just over 12 months on, we see the fresh interface and practice showcased in this movie ‘,This [. ]

Peugeot: Hybrid4 Graphic Novel Parallax Site

Ten. September 2012

This is one of the coolest Parallax sites I’ve seen, not through the creative complexity of the practice or technical prowess to pull it all together, but from a elementary, story telling point of view, one that leverages a trend and creates a fresh dimension inwards that framework…, Inspired by the fresh Peugeot Hybrid4 Technology, [. ]

Google: The Exquisite Forest Experiment

How many of us have had this idea before? I’ll claim to, but never could fairly wrangle the resources to create it, then along came Google (with a few fucking partners and a tonne of resource) to create The Exquisite Forest, a Chrome Experiment no doubt, where a HTML Five drawing application meets animation engine to [. ]

Volkswagen: The Fanwagen

Two. November 2011

Choose, Build, and drive away with it…, This is the tagline of our fresh campaign, called “the Fanwagen”.Volkswagen the Netherlands invites its fans to vote for their all-time dearest model. As a prize, it rebuilds this model in a one of a kind edition: the Fanwagen. Whether they vote for the classic van the T1 [. ]

UNIQLO: The Innovation Project

24. October 2011

I love Uniqlo digital work. And here is their latest lump for the fresh functional range of clothing. It’s a visual feast as usual, created through a series of various movie catwalk demonstrations that slide past you. The demonstrations are fairly litteral for every feature, from the “stretch pants” to the sturdy zippers and everything [. ]

ATG: Multi-Player Swedish Pony Racing Game

You may have seen this neat campaign launch in the last few days, it’s called “The Race“, a real-time, multi-player virtual pony racing game that goes a step further than you’d expect, by utilising a few extra senses to help players win the race, including your computers microphone to help cheer your pony on, and [. ]

J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore.com Social Story Site

For Harry Potter fans, this will be the most titillating digital event ever, with J.K. Rowling having launched a fresh website called Pottermore. The site is open for pre-registration, and when launched on July 31st, will take on the very first 1 million users, who are to be weaved into the core of the site, shaping [. ]

3LiveShop: The Future Of Shopping Is Here.

I see a lot of cool things every day. But not many are actually game changers, things that would form industry, behavior, service or practices…, This one will…, But not everyone will like it! Three have just launched the “3LiveShop” a sort of movie call through your computer/webcam that blends a seamless sales and service [. ]

Diesel Island: Join the Land? of the Stupid

Diesel has launched their latest campaign, Diesel Island: Land? of the Stupid, Home of the Plucky. An interesting microsite concept to showcase items from their fresh range, on top of a pretty cool movie the site takes you through the island’s history (including a suitably stupid national anthem), island street view that manages to take [. ]

Nike 6.0 Launches The iDNation Community

Ten. January 2011

Nike 6.0 has just launched a fresh version of NikeID called The iDNation. It’s a fresh community for creative people to be inspired, design some crazy boots and win some fans along the way. Check out the hype movie above to get a sneak peak at how the total “StyleLab” will work when it launches [. ]

MySpace Launch Fresh Site: Will it save them?

28. October 2010

Well here it is…, The fresh MySpace launches today and will begin rolling out globally over the coming month. But, the big question is, can this actually save them? Or is it just too late? This is most likely their very first and last chance to claw back some market share from Facebook or risk continuing on [. ]

Philips: Wake Up The Town

20. October 2010

Philips just launched an interesting campaign for its fresh product, Wake-Up Light. Its a kind of alarm clock / light, with an innovative design and its main function is to wake up people the best way through its halogen bulb, which makes us wake up slickly with the gradual increase in its light. “Wake Up [. ]

The Adobe Museum of Digital Media

17. October 2010

Here it is, the Adobe Museum of Digital Media, the world’s very first virtual art museum dedicated to digital art &, innovation. The brain child of Goodby, Silverstein &, Fucking partners and produced along with Unit9, with the direction of digital architect Filippo Innocenti, the Adobe Museum Of Digital Media went live last week with it’s very first [. ]

YouTique: French Connection’s YouTube Store

Sorry! I’m a few days late on this, but if you’ve not already seen it, then check out the worlds very first YouTube store (I think…,) called the YouTique by French Connection with agency Poke, London. It’s a very clever way of taking the current trend around movie based style tips and stylists, then working to seamlessly [. ]

The Talking Tree: Social Nature

29. September 2010

If you’ve ever wondered what a tree might say, then this social experiment might just response all your questions! EOS Magazine determined to meet up a 100 year old tree, living on the edge of Brussels, to a dust meter, ozone meter, light meter, weatherstation, webcam and microphone in the attempt to convert the tree’s [. ]

NZ Army: YouTube Sharpshooter Game

28. September 2010

I’m truly beginning to love what brands and agencies are doing with their YouTube channels of late, and this fresh campaign out for the Fresh Zealand Army (created by Saatchi &, Saatchi NZ) is right on the money in terms of platform engagement and practice. The team created a Sharpshooter game that challenges you to “Get What [. ]

Toyota: Auris HSD Site

27. September 2010

Saatchi &, Saatchi London, along with B-Reel, have just launched a fresh campaign site for Toyota Europe’s fresh Auris HSD. It’s an interesting concept around recycled energy, in that the website is powered by your mouse movements. Stop moving for too long, and the virtual worlds lights go out. Along the way you’ll practice mini-demos of key [. ]

Google Fresh: Everything Fresh From Google

24. September 2010

Google Crank? If so, you won’t need to use this fresh site from Google, you’ll already be deep in Google Labs attempting out the latest and greatest…, But, chances are you don’t dig through the archives every day and you most likely don’t subscribe to each products news feed either. So, Google Fresh gives you the [. ]

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