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Match com online

Thanks to unique features their fully developed mobile app, Match.com places itself as one of the industry leaders in the matchmaking category.

  • Continually improved matching algorithm that incorporates user feedback and behavior
  • Extensive search and discovery opportunities
  • Fresh features and functionalities regularly added
  • Approval on the site is not instant
  • Month-to-Month costs is higher than average
  • Online to offline process can be lengthy

The Review

Editor&rsquo,s Summary

Arguably the most recognizable name in online dating today, Match.com has been facilitating dates, relationships, and marriages for the last 21 years. Wielded by Match Group Inc (MTCH) which went public just last year, Match.com has maintained a leadership role through all the ups and downs of the online dating hypes over the last two decades by continually making improvements to better suit users on the site, attracting a broad range of online daters, and focusing on members to optimize the online dating practice.

No matter how aesthetically-pleasing an online dating site or app may be, what matters is how well it works. Match more than has that area covered with it&rsquo,s one-of-a-kind matching algorithm that individually improves it&rsquo,s matching capabilities the more each member uses the site. Unlike other sites that calculate who you are and who you &lsquo,should&rsquo, meet based on lengthy questionnaires, Match uniquely takes into consideration what (features, attributes, qualities, etc.) you say you want as well as what your deeds on the site indicate you want. The result is an effortless to use site that seamlessly &lsquo,learns&rsquo, who you are and how to match you better with each login.

Match.com is often seen as the next logical step when online daters determine it&rsquo,s time to stop expending energy on free dating apps and tightly make the choice to upgrade their dating game. The site is a household name, so much so it&rsquo,s often synonymous with the idea of online dating itself, and it&rsquo,s no longer viewed as uncommon or embarrassing to be a member. Via all their marketing ploys, the most latest campaign shows off that Match leads the competition with more 2nd dates than any other sites. The online dating site holds true to its promise that it has and will proceed to help users find what they are looking for, be that a casual hookup or serious relationship. Of course, because the site is paid, it does tend to attract a more serious level of online dater, which could account for some of its success, but after over 20 years of online dating testing and data, it&rsquo,s pretty safe to assume Match.com knows what its doing when it comes to creating interpersonal connections.

While it&rsquo,s hard to deny some of the appeal of Match lies in its widespread use and popularity, the better half of it lies in the site&rsquo,s features and functionality. From member discovery to one-on-one communication, Match has all the top notch features that make for a straightforward, successful online dating practice. And even with all it&rsquo,s functionalities, it doesn&rsquo,t overwhelm. All the over-the-top bells and whistles so many other online dating sites use to differentiate themselves, Match steers clear from. The result is an online dating site that not only simply works for a multiplicity of audiences, but is also continually improving over time.

From desktop to app, Match perfects the user practice, setting a high bar for others to go after. The site has enough discovery devices and communication methods to get the job done, but is clear and concise enough to begin using from day 1. Member profiles are thorough, yet not daunting, and when viewed are customized to each member, highlighting similar hobbies and complimentary &lsquo,looking for&rsquo, requirements. Profiles accommodate numerous photos and can display as little or much information as members choose to share, permitting for enhanced plasticity of use and again accommodating a large, diverse crowd. The site is most certainly a mainstream online dating site designed to match singles for more serious dates and relationships, yet because of the audience it attracts it can certainly be used as a hookup site for those looking for matches of a higher caliber.

If the continued popularity surrounding Match doesn&rsquo,t spark your interest, the data the site releases speaks for itself. 38% of members reportedly have had a relationship that embarked on the site and lasted over a month, much longer than almost any other site, while 33% of Match users report having relationships that last longer than Four months. Because it&rsquo,s a paid site, Match may not be on the top of your list of dating sites to attempt, but if you proceed on the online dating route, it&rsquo,s likely a site you&rsquo,ll eventually land on.


Sign-Up &, Login Process

Match.com has a very guided, step-by-step registration process that only takes about 15 to 30 minutes to accomplish. The moment you land on Match you&rsquo,re prompted to sign up and get commenced with a popup requesting you select your gender, the gender of others you are looking to meet, age ranges of others, and your zip code. On the next screen you are guided to create a free account to browse photos, requiring only an email address, password, and your date of birth. Next you inject your name and select the locational method from which you would like to meet others, either by proximity to your zip code or by region. The registration process then walks you through a matching process questionnaire

Focusing on who you would like to meet very first, the registration process walks you through five brief screens from which you can input the basic information you would like to see in the profiles of your matches. The very first screen concentrates on what she should look like with fields for hair color, eye color, and height, the latter of which you can check as a dealbreaker. Next you&rsquo,ll go on to select what background you would like her to have, with fields for education, ethnicity, religious beliefs (all three of which can be checked as dealbreakers) and language. Lastly you check go through a few final details of your match that might matter to you including relationship status, has kids, wants kids, drinking habits, smoking habits, and income, All final fields can be checked as dealbreakers except for income.

In part two of the registration, you go through eight screens that essentially pack out your profile and permit you to tell others more about yourself. When packing out the fields about yourself there are the same basic questions that were asked regarding what assets and qualities you would like to see in a match, along with a few optional questions you may accomplish such as going into more detail about your religious beliefs with an open-ended reaction field, checking off the types of sports you love from a predetermined list, and inputting the city you grew up in. There are also extra questions you may response to give profile viewers a better idea of who you are and what you like such as listing your beloved local hot catches sight of, sharing your dearest movies or hobbies, and indicating the last thing you read, the last of which is one of Match&rsquo,s attempted and true profile questions that has been on the site for years. At the end, there&rsquo,s an extra open-ended field for you to write a brief introductory bio and explain who you are looking to meet, with helpful examples to get you began. Lastly you can check boxes indicating if you&rsquo,d like Offers by Match, which sends your profile to playmate sites, and if you would like your profile to be featured. As a final step you are prompted to add a profile picture either by importing from Facebook or uploading from your computer.

After your picture is added, your profile is submitted to the site moderators for approval and your very first set of matches is shown, from which you can check those you are interested in. The approval process is part of Match&rsquo,s basic system, and something users often get strung up up about, albeit at its core, it&rsquo,s designed to ensure profiles are real and the site stays clean. Across your use of the site fresh photos and updated profile information in the open-ended sections will have to be approved before it goes live.

Once you&rsquo,ve ended registration, you can proceed onto the site and search for matches, albeit while your profile is being approved other matches can&rsquo,t see all of your details and without a paid subscription the most communication you can partake in is winking.

There are a few different options for logging in to Match.com. You can inject your email address and password, which is the traditional login option, or, if you have Facebook, you can log in using your Facebook account. Simply click on the ",login using Facebook", option, the site will then redirect you to Facebook, where you can log in using your Facebook account details. Once you’ve finished that procedure, you’ll be returned to Match.com, all logged in. While this may seem like an unnecessary step, it does mean one fewer password and user name to keep track of for you.

Members / Interactions

Match.com provides one of the more versatile user practices, permitting members to detect others and communicate through a diversity of means. Match uses a detailed, ever-improving algorithm to pair you with others you are likely to have a connection with. The site not only incorporates the information you provide into it&rsquo,s matching system, such as the eye color you&rsquo,d like her to have, but also monitors your behavior on the site to match you with others you are looking at and/or communicating with the most, even if your behavior goes against what you told the dating site you want. By incorporating behavior and user-inputted information, the site creates a matching system that is more life-like, more closely mirroring how you would likely meet and mesh with others in in-person pickup and dating screenplays.

Albeit Match has a multitude of features, the interface of the site is basically divided into four sections of Matches, Connections, Search, and Messages. The dating site provides a select number of hand-picked matches each day, usually ranging from nine to 12 matches every 24 hours. From each daily match you check a yes or no checkbox indicating your interest. If you check yes, the site with prompt you to send a message, albeit doing so is not mandatory.

After you&rsquo,ve gone through your daily matches, you can view your connections on the site, a combination of today&rsquo,s matches you&rsquo,ve shown interest in and all of your past interactions with others, by heading to the Connections section. This section keeps track of members with whom you have interacted, in one way or another, organized by winks, likes, who&rsquo,s viewed you, who&rsquo,s favorited you, and members you have favorited. This section also permits you to keep a phonebook where you can store MatchPhone contacts and voicemails.

Match features an extensive Search section packed with various filters for searching, ways of searching, and search results organization options. The basic search commences with the gender, age range, and location of others you are looking to meet. From basic search you can refine your results further as you filter by any profile fields (appearance, interests, background, lifestyle), keyword, and/or username, and further filter results to display only those available for talk, online now, and/or with photos. Sort your results by newest very first, activity date (when the user last used the site), age, distance, photo count, username, or by Match Picks, which are members the site&rsquo,s algorithm predicts you will match with best. In addition to basic search and all of the filtering and sorting options, there&rsquo,s also a mutual match search and switch roles match search. Mutual match search matches you based on your user-inputted fields of who you are looking for in your profile, while switch roles match search matches you based on the fields you have packed out about yourself in your profile. You also have the option to save any search you run to be used for future use.

From any profile you find and like, you have various options to engage with the discovered member. You may save any profile, to communicate later, showcase interest by winking, favoriting the member or liking any of her profile pictures. With a paid membership, emailing the member is always an option, as is talk if the member is online, or you may select talk and text to securely communicate with MatchPhone, permitting you to keep your number private. Other intuitive options available on each profile page are the option to forward the profile to a friend, see more like her, which brings up a search results page of similar profiles, or Match Me, which permits you to ask the site to have list your profile as one of her daily matches. Profiles are long but not excessive and conveniently give an overview of commonalities you and that match share. They highlight the ways you match based on what that user is looking for, all the while continually prompting you with helpful suggestions to send a message about profile answers that user has selected.

The Messages section is where most communication takes place and is uniquely divided into conversations and filtered messages. Conversation contain messages from users you have had some type of positive interaction with previously, while the filtered section holds messages from users you have not communicated with or shown interest in.

Match has an assortment of other features that help keep the site on the top of the online dating spectrum, with fresh features continually added. Some standout add-on features include the capability to view who has viewed your profile, the option to boost yourself to the top spot of searches, an ongoing list of mixer events, and a detect section to quickly like or pass on users, which is divided into a stream component, much like a Facebook newsfeed, and mixer component that is most like a hot or not swiping game.

Search on Match.com

Match features an extensive search section found under the Discovery menu packed with various search types, filtering preferences, and sorting options, along with the handy option to save certain settings. When you view the profile of any member found through the Discovery section, the site conveniently shows you the percentage match you are with that individual. All results can be sorted by clicking on the up and down arrows icon. You can sort by the type of search you are running, such as Basic, which will showcase the most relevant members for the settings you have in place for your basic search very first, along with Photo Count, Age, Last Activity date, or Distance. Match has five main search options available: Basic, Advanced, Mutual Match, Switch sides Match, and Username.

The basic search is a quick way to get began and filters members by the basic features of gender, age range, and location you have stated you want. To run a basic search, head to the Detect menu and click on the Go Search tab, which will bring up a list of member results. From the Go Search page you can refine your results further and run an Advanced search by clicking on the filter icon. This will drop down a list of categories (shortcuts, interests, looks, private, and lifestyle) each with various optional checkboxes you can select from to filter your results in more detail. Essentially, this advanced search permits you to filter by any profile field. For any basic or advanced search, you can click the bookmark icon to save your settings for future use.

In addition to the Go Search tab, under the Discovery menu you will also find a Mutual Match tab, a Switch sides Match tab, and a Username tab. Mutual match filters results based on characteristics you stated you are looking for you in profile while the Switch roles Match filters results based on characteristics you stated you have in your profile that others stated they are looking for in a match. Username is exactly what it sounds like and permits you to search by username, which may be helpful if you&rsquo,re looking for someone who is a gigantic enthusiast of something in particular — a restaurant, a sports team, or any sort of hobby, for example.

Key Features

  • Data-backed matching algorithm that matches based on user-provided information as well as user behavior
  • Smartly-designed search options with extensive filtering capabilities
  • Hand-picked daily matches delivered every 24 hours
  • Clever inbox that sorts messages based on previous interactions
  • Thorough Connections section to organize all interactions on the site
  • Various options to communicate and display interest
  • Unique profile viewing practice shows similarities, ways you match, and more
  • Creditable site with a large loyal userbase
  • MatchMe feature lets users privately request to be added to any member&rsquo,s daily matches
  • Various profile verification options via social channels and phone
  • Novel matching system &lsquo,prizes&rsquo, active users with better placement on site

Safety &, Security

Match&rsquo,s privacy policy states the site &lsquo,takes adequate security measures (including physical, electronic and procedural measures) to help safeguard your private information from unauthorized access and disclosure.&rsquo,. The site encrypts any usernames, passwords, and other user or member account-related data that are stored in cookies, such as passwords saved for lightly logins. The site also screens all profiles before activating them and screens the majority or profile switches to ensure prohibited pics and language does not reside in profiles.


Match.com came under public scrutiny in 2015 when Software developer Scott Bryner noticed the site was using an unprotected HTTP connection to transmit login credentials, permitting anyone on the same network to capture user names and passwords. The encryption has since been updated.

In 2015 Match was the recipient of the Gold 2015 Dating Sites Reviews Single&rsquo,s Choice Award.

Main Competitors


Coupons, Discounts and Promo Codes

Fresh, non-members have the best chance at scoring savings using a Match.com coupon code or promo code. Match.com from time to time offers seasonal discounts as well as discounts during various retail holidays, which are usually the best times to sign up for the service and receive the most substantial savings on long-term memberships. (It&rsquo,s also a excellent time to sign-up because the site tends to get an influx of fresh members when they run large, national discounts, so you have more fish in the Match.com sea at these times.) Traditional paper coupons aren&rsquo,t as popular anymore, as the dating platform is digital, however you may still find some paper coupons in certain magazines and in coupon mailers such as Valpak.

Alternatively, you can search online for Match.com promo codes to get a discount on your membership. Your best bet for finding a Match.com coupon code is to browse verified coupon code sites such as SlickDeals, RetailMeNot, and TechBargains. Virtual voucher or daily deal sites will sometimes feature a special Match.com suggest, so it&rsquo,s worth your while to check reputable sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial. Eventually, you can always do a generic Google search for &ldquo,Match.com promo codes&rdquo, but be wary of using coupon codes from sites you&rsquo,ve never heard of as they don&rsquo,t tend to keep their codes updated (like verified coupon and daily deal sites do) and may simply be scams that redirect you to pages that have viruses or other undesirable content. You can test out any Match.com promo code to see if it is valid at this Match.com promo code testing link.

Match.com Free Trial

Fresh users can attempt out Match.com for seven days for free at this link. To be eligible for the trial you must be a current non-subscriber of Match.com who is Legal years of age or older, single or separated from your spouse, and meet all other requirements outlined in the Match.com Terms of Use Agreement. Unlike free members who don&rsquo,t pay to use the site, free trial members may contact other singles via email, communicate via AIM, see who has viewed their profile, and who has liked them during the seven-day trial period. (For non-paying members, these features are either restricted or for members who have made contact by viewing and liking your profile.)

Customer Service

Match.com provides customer service to all members through its Customer Care Site, which offers one-on-one phone, email, and talk support, as well as an extensive help resource center that covers topics from billing and subscription settings to technical support. If you&rsquo,re logged in, the Customer Care Site can be found by clicking the Help tab found under the Instruments icon in the top right arm corner. To speak with a Match.com representative, you can contact Match Customer Care at 1-800-92-MATCH (1-800-926-2824). Alternatively you can head to the Customer Care Site and click on Contact Us, which will bring up options for email and talk support, both of which will have the Match Customer Care team available to react Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to Five:00 PM CST.


Total Price Per Option

Match has a pretty straightforward pricing setup. As with many dating sites, there is a basic free membership that permits you access to the site and some limited functionality. To truly take advantage of the site, however, you’ll want to pay for one of their paid membership options: The one-month membership, which costs $42.99, the three-month membership, which costs $71.97 or $23.99 a month, or the six-month membership, which costs $125.94, or just $20.99 a month. Those prices are a shade higher than some other dating sites, but represent very good value considering Match is one of the best-rated sites out there and that you’ll be getting access to a very well-run site with quality members.

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