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The 20 Most Futile Websites on the Internet

The 20 Most Useless Websites on the Internet

On a normal day, we&rsquo,re all about helping you make better use of all things technology in your day-to-day life.

But today is not one of those days.

Every once in a while, we go astray and give you a peek at some of the weirdest things the web has to suggest. Big fan of odd physics in gaming Five Popular Games With Weird or Violated Physics Five Popular Games With Weird or Violated Physics Sometimes, even the best games have problems. Here are some games that don’t fairly obey the laws of physics. Read More ? Love debunking weird science claims Top Five Websites To Research Weird Science Claims Top Five Websites To Research Weird Science Claims Read More ? We know just the right places for you online.

Whether you&rsquo,re into strange YouTube content Some Of The Most Popular YouTube Movies Are Truly Weird Some Of The Most Popular YouTube Movies Are Indeed Weird If the most popular YouTube movies of all time are anything to go by, you’re all into some indeed weird stuff. Read More or old viral movies Ten Old Viral Movies That You Absolutely Need in Your Life Ten Old Viral Movies That You Absolutely Need in Your Life If you recall the days of Newgrounds and Albino Blacksheep, you’ll most likely recall these movies. Read More , we&rsquo,ve got your back. If you&rsquo,re ever bored at work, looking for something funny to send to your colleague, or simply longing some light-hearted craziness, use this extensive list of the most futile places on the web that we could find.

Stuff to See

Let&rsquo,s begin with the visible: websites that make for a ideal two-minute break from work, studies, and any other significant task you&rsquo,re bored of doing. Because sometimes you&rsquo,ve got to witness something meaningless to help your brain unwind and let go of the stress a weekday brings.

1. Bacon Sizzling

We very likely couldn&rsquo,t have found a better starter than the Bacon Sizzling website. The unspoken truth of &ldquo,bacon makes everything better&rdquo, is real, and now you can take it with you wherever you go. Love the soothing sounds of bacon and a flawless visual pic that is sizzling bacon on top of it. There&rsquo,s one catch tho’: now you want some actual bacon.

Two. Watching Grass Grow

Your practice with Watching Grass Grow can go one of the two ways. The website even has a special logo, telling, &ldquo,most boring/arousing website in the world&rdquo,. You&rsquo,ll be watching live updates of the growing grass from only one angle. If nothing else, this website&rsquo,s history is fascinating. It was created back in the summer of 2002 when Colorado had a serious drought, which led to water rationing, and it is still online.

Three. Falling Falling

Everything is falling. Do with it as you wish: practice the roller coaster effect yourself or use it to practice hypnosis on your colleagues.

Four. Taghua!

Taghua is a joy website that creates a beautiful little art that sort of resembles a Sakura tree. Reset it an infinite number of times and get your own unique drawing every single time.

Five. PoPoPopcorn

Tired of watching bacon sizzling? Our second-best pick for foodies Ten Tasty Netflix Documentaries for Foodies Everywhere Ten Tasty Netflix Documentaries for Foodies Everywhere Netflix is home to some truly astounding documentaries. This list recommends Ten Netflix documentaries made for anyone who takes their food earnestly. Foodies, in other words. Read More is the PoPoPopcorn website, which permits you to observe corn turn into popcorn for eternity. Like what you&rsquo,re watching? Go ahead and me gusta PoPoPopcorn on Facebook!

6. Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things

Bored of watching food and plants? How about watching people? Better yet, how about watching people look at stuff? Our next pick is a website that shows Kim Jong-Il looking at things. See him looking at corn, crimson buckets, bubble gum, fish tanks, and his son Kim Jong-Un.

Games to Play

Sure, you had joy visiting those websites for the very first time. But even they got old and you&rsquo,re face-to-face with your boredom again. Time to take it up a notch with this set of weird games we found online. For when passively watching just isn&rsquo,t enough and you&rsquo,re antsy to take part.

7. Paper Toilet

This game will help you to indeed get to the bottom of it&hellip, to the bottom of a toilet paper roll. There&rsquo,s not much more to say about this one. Just keep it rolling!

8. Koalas to the Max

Koalas to the Max is a website with an enormously fulfilling little game which is basically a digital version of coloring. Play it the very first time to expose the adorable hidden pic, then keep playing it to please your inward perfectionist. Make sure nothing stays hidden.

9. That&rsquo,s the Finger

It&rsquo,s fully up to you which finger it&rsquo,s going to be. You&rsquo,re in utter control. Is there a point? We&rsquo,re not so sure.

Ten. Falling Fellow

Save the little stud from falling into the giant endless pit&hellip, or up in the sky? It&rsquo,s most likely best not to look for logic here. Simply love this sense of power.

11. Into Time

Use this site for some calming color therapy De-Stress On The Go With iPhone Coloring Apps De-Stress On The Go With iPhone Coloring Apps The act and art of coloring, once reserved for children, is now being seen as a form of therapy for adults. Read More , or play it as a game and find all the hidden secrets. One color exposes the other, go deep into the frames to find out what&rsquo,s next.

12. Poké,draw

Our next choice will appeal to the Poké,mon fans 8 Ways to Feast Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary 8 Ways to Feast Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary This year, on 27th February, Poké,mon celebrates its 20th anniversary. Here’s how to feast in style! Read More . Check your Poké,-knowledge and attempt yourself as a Poké,-artist. And it&rsquo,s ideal for a little work break too, as it only takes 45 seconds to draw a Pokemon. Draw your own and check out other people&rsquo,s paintings in the gallery.

13. Spank Kirk

Talking about true fans and followers: do you love watching Starlet Trek no matter how many times you see it? For those of you who take pleasure in reliving the 50 years of the franchise&rsquo,s history The Effortless Way to Catch Up on 50 Years of Starlet Trek The Effortless Way to Catch Up on 50 Years of Starlet Trek Starlet Trek has been around for 50 years, and that means there’s a lot of content for completists to wade through. Gratefully, there is an alternative way of catching up on 50 years of Starlet. Read More , we present the Smack Kirk website.

Now you can force Captain James T. Kirk to relive a memorable Starlet Trek scene over and over again. See how many spanks you can land on the captain&rsquo,s face by swiping left and right to control Jim&rsquo,s right mitt.

Stuff to Send to Your Colleagues

Discovering a funny link and laughing at it on your own is one thing, but sharing it with a colleague and observing them love it as much as you did is twice as satisfying. The following websites will do a superb job amusing both you and your friends at work. Choose your dearest, send them one by one, or compile them all into one blast of an email.

14. What&rsquo,s My Starbucks Name?

We&rsquo,ve all been there. No matter how noisy you shout your name following the &ldquo,Can I get a name for your order&rdquo, question, there&rsquo,s no telling what exactly you&rsquo,re going to see written on your cup.

This site predicts how badly a Starbucks barista will misspell your name. Write your name into the generator and see what name will emerge on your order. The results are based on photos of Starbucks name misspellings from &ldquo,Starbucks Spelling&rdquo, and &ldquo,Starbucks Name Fail&rdquo, Tumblrs.

15. Random Things to Do

Next time someone&rsquo,s complaining about being bored at work Stuck In A Boring Job? Here Are Ten Ways To Be Creative Within The Cubicle Stuck In A Boring Job? Here Are Ten Ways To Be Creative Within The Cubicle The humdrum office cubicle is a place few workers dare to express creativity. Despite those fetters enforced from further up the chain, here are ten ways to creatively escape your cubicle monotony Read More , send them to the Random Things to Do website. Flawless for that special time when all you want is to pile up some pillows and keep hopping over them.

16. Dog GIF Page

There&rsquo,s most likely no better link to send to a friend than Dog GIF Page. Use it to cheer someone up, make their day a little bit brighter, or simply remind them how much you value their friendship. After all, dogs are human&rsquo,s best friends.

In a very infrequent case of that special human not being a dog paramour, we recommend switching to the Cat GIF Page.

17. Pay for Nothing

This website is flawless if you&rsquo,re looking for a polite way to tell your friend or colleague that they spend way too much money on unnecessary things. Buying that sweet nothing has never been lighter &mdash, you can do it in less than a minute online and love the benefits that come with it, such as being a part of the club. It&rsquo,s a wish come true for the shopping paramours 7 Interesting Stats on Modern Online Shopping Habits 7 Interesting Stats on Modern Online Shopping Habits Online shopping is taking over the world. Here are a few mind-boggling statistics that prove it. Read More indeed.

Sites to Learn From

Albeit we promised you a list of the most pointless places on the web, it doesn&rsquo,t mean your journey cannot be educational. Who knows, you might even detect something useful browsing through them.

Legitimate. How to Spell Certainly

When the correct spelling might be demonstrable for you, it seems like some people fight to spell certainly correctly. For the reasons unknown, they put down definately, definatly, definantly, and defiantly instead. The website even has its very own &ldquo,hall of shame&rdquo, total of examples from the likes of FOX 13 and CNN.

Nineteen. Scanwiches

Scanwiches is a digital declaration of love for the most beloved meal inbetween two slices of bread: The Sandwich. It&rsquo,s food porn at its finest. Search for your beloved type and get all the necessary information on it, like ingredients, an HD-quality picture, and even a fine art print of yours truly.

20. Click Click Click

Click Click Click is a browser game to learn from. It gives you an insight into how you&rsquo,re being monitored Data Selfie: How Much Does Facebook Actually Know About You? Data Selfie: How Much Does Facebook Actually Know About You? You share a giant amount of data with Facebook, even if you don’t click or post very much. This Chrome extension will give you an idea of just how much Facebook knows about you. Read More on websites when surfing. Click Click Click goes after all user-browser interaction events and spells them out. Find out just how much the Big Brother knows about you.

Are You Still Bored Out of Your Mind?

Whatever causes your boredom now, with this list you should be able to slay it in minutes. If you ever find that these websites are not enough, check out our hand-picked happiest places on the web These 13 Websites Could Be the Happiest Places on the Web These 13 Websites Could Be the Happiest Places on the Web Do you turn to the web when you’re feeling sad? If you feeling down right now, these joy websites can help you pick up your mood and relieve any stress. Read More that will help you fight the daily stress. But before we let you go explore, we&rsquo,d like to hear from you.

What is the most worthless website you&rsquo,ve ever come across? How do you detect fresh websites: through friends online, social networks, or randomly when browsing the net?

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It’s better not to suggest to some people the concept of worthless web sites.

Along with hate speech and sites providing fake news, the web will soon see our freedom of press ( internet communication) regulated away by do-gooders

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