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Just Meet up is a “dating” site that isn’t truly focused on dating, more like just hooking up. If that’s what you’re searching for, your thickest question has to be: Does this indeed work to get a meet up?

It’s not surprising that a site like this has come along, attempting to separate itself from dating sites such as eHarmony or Match, which concentrate on long-term relationships and more serious dating.

Just Meet up claims that they are the “number 1 hookup site online” and at the time of this writing they say they have over 500,000 members with harshly 20% of them online at the moment. Overall those aren’t staggering numbers, not when you compare it to other dating sites or social networking sites, but when you consider that this is a very select group of people that just want to get together for casual hook-up and whatnot, it’s starts to look more epic.

The hype comes from them being able to ensure that you’ll get laid. Nobody can truly assure that, because you’ll still have to put forward the effort. Since they are only providing you a free Trio months of service if you don’t get laid, it’s not like it’s costing them anything.

$22.72 a month and $8.42 if you go for the 12 month package. When you activate your account by confirming your email they’ll give you another discount chance. Attempt to exit that page and there will be a pop-up suggesting you a 50% discount, or $17.47 per month, and $6.47 a month on the one-year package. That was the lowest price we could find.

With a paid membership you’re getting the capability to send as many messages as you want, as well as look at all of the profiles and photos that are available. They also let you look at the utter size photos that are uploaded. You can to wink at as many people as you want, and have the capability to send messages to free members that haven’t upgraded yet. They also let you have access to adult movie content that users have uploaded.

They have an “anytime money back guarantee” so even if you go with the fatter packages you can still opt out of it for a refund. They also have a “get laid guarantee” so if you don’t get laid they’ll bump out your account for an extra Trio months for free to give you another go at it.

You can use the site as much or as little as you want. If you’re paying for it you’ll most likely want to use it a lot so you can get your money’s worth. If you could get just one meet up per month from this it would be far better than spending your time in bars and clubs buying drinks and staying out all night just to attempt and “get lucky”. However, keep reading because it’s been our practice that this might not be feasible.

You’re fairly limited in what you can do once you activate your free account, and many of the features that could actually get you to meet up with someone are kept under lock and key. Also, there was a suspicious number of people interested in our dummy account, just moments after signing up. This is without adding a picture, or any other sort of identifiable information, such as what we were interested in. The accounts that were approaching us had scantily clad or naked women that claimed to be looking to just have joy. In our opinion these were fake accounts used to entice us into signing up for a membership, since there was no good way to contact them after they had reached out to us.

The reason that this smells even fishier is that each of the profiles of people that were contacting us – with no understandable reason to contact us other than our basic location and age – looked a little similar to each other. All of them were considerably good looking, said harshly the same thing in their About Me section and had at least one tit and nip showcasing.

Even when we tested it as a damsel looking for guys we still received the same sort of messages from naked women with the same sort of pick-up lines.

If someone sends you a message, you have to upgrade to message them back in many cases. You also have just Five winks to use before you run out and have to re-up. There are also certain profiles that you can’t even view if you’re still at the free level. And you might have to squint in order to see some of the photos that have been uploaded because they don’t let you increase their size.

Final Just Meet up Review

There isn’t enough conclusive evidence that Just Meet up works to line up an actual NSA encounter with someone. For that reason we’re providing it the Risky Attempt rating, as it could end up being just a big waste of time. They have their ensures in place, but it is our belief that there are better ways to spend your time that have a higher chance of getting you the sort of results you want without having to pay much at all, and without worrying if you are being toyed with or not.

For the money, both free and as a paid membership, we like OKCupid. They let you do a TON of stuff for free, and there’s indeed no need to pay in order to find someone. Just be straightforward that you’re not looking for anything serious and you’ll find people that are looking for the same. There are so many people on there that you don’t have to worry if you’re talking with a fake account or not, real people are actually on there every day. The upgrades they have give you some added abilities, and let you go stealth, but all of the significant features like making contact with people are free.

What do you think? Does Just Meet up work or not?

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So me and the misses are wondering about these kind of sites. The problem we have with them are two fold. One, having read into the specifics a little, there emerges a question as to whether or not the service advertised is actually he service provided. Without spending the money for the subscription fee and the apparent hidden charges that seem to show up, there is no way of knowing if the people you are ‘,meeting’ aren’t just shills for the company. Then there emerges the tricky situation of communicable disease. If this is just a ‘,meet up’ site, then what’s to say the person you’re hooking up with isn’t swimming with disease?

There is an even simpler way to find out if it’s a scam site, look around the site and find out where their head office is, sometimes you have to scroll down to the bottom of the membership agreement to find it. If it says Nicosia, Cyprus, it’s a scam dating site with fake profiles, therefore a waste of time and money. It’s sort of like the dating site version of the Nigeria/Spanish Prisoner scam, the names and graphic may be different in the emails, but it’s still the same racket.

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