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They lie, Review 16076, Complaints Board

They lie, Review 16076, Complaints Board


It’s ok but Slew of Fish is much better. IT’S FREE!

Yes they are correct, if you click on a person you become interested in them, in their area. ONLY if you flirt is it when you know they are interested.

I think the price should be $20.00 instead per month. And some of the people that come up live too far away. It should be done in milage (how far you want to travel.

I got off that site.

I totally agree with you. It’s not Singlesnet’s fault that scams are everywhere on the internet. I think that most of the members don’t understand the icons next to the emails in the inbox. When someone clicks on my profile, just to look, I always look back to see who it was, and that alone is demonstrating that I am somewhat “interested”. I posted a comment here explaining the meanings of the different icons and hope the ones who need it will see my post.

I am also a non paying member and have met several very nice guys. It’s too bad that Singlesnet is getting a bad rap for ” Fake Women” and scams. Of course, I don’t know anything about the billing problems some say they are having.

When you look at someone on Singlesnet, it sends them an email telling you are interested, with the ” eye ” icon next to the message. Well. if you looked. you must have been somewhat interested and they looked back at you. That did display some interest on their part too. You click on people because you see them on the very first duo of pages, that means they are online and see you on their very first duo of pages too. Maybe they looked back at you and determined not to take it any further. I always look back when a man looks at me. Just to see who’s looking. The flirts (lips) means they do want to take it further then just a look. Usually you will see two emails. One look (eye) and if they like what they see you get a flirt from them. (lips) and the (letter) is an actual email from them. The only one that Singlesnet sends out is the “one to one match” (heart). The person may have never seen you, but it tells you it’s a ” One to one match” right there in your inbox.

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