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Fair Russian Dating Sites – DO THEY EXIST AT ALL?

Honest Russian Dating Sites - DO THEY EXIST AT ALL?

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Fair Russian Dating Sites

There are lots of stories about Russian dating sites on the Internet, and many complaints. I can tell you that some dating sites are not good, and some people you meet (even through fair dating sites) will be not good.

Let me very first deal with fair dating sites. I consider that a website is fair if they are upfront with their policies and fees, and if they supply what is promised. It is also essential that the Russian dating site does their best to help you to build a relationship, rather than hinder it.

I’ll explain what I mean, some dating sites don’t permit you to exchange your direct contact details with a woman – this is what I consider a rip off, they simply want you to keep paying them, so that you can proceed talking to the woman you like. If they were here to help you establish a relationship, they would let you two talk directly, wouldn’t they? But if they don’t permit you to do that, then this is what I consider ",not acting in the clients’ best interests",.

Of course fair Russian dating sites also are here to make money but they are not greedy: once you pay the membership fee, you can talk to women directly and they don’t mind if you go offsite and commence using Skype or MSN.

Truth is, the ",greedy", Russian dating sites will often have it spelled very clearly in their Terms of Use that you can only talk to women through their site (and they want you to pay for it). If you ask why, they will say that they want to ensure your safety that you are not scammed. Thank you very much, I am clever enough not to send money to people I meet on the Internet, and I don’t need someone to sensor all my communication with a woman I hope to marry one day. So, I steer clear of the ",greedy", sites, as soon as I see I need to pay per letter or per minute of talk, I am taking off! I like websites with a membership fee, this is a much better value for money.

In regard to people who are not what they say they are (scammers), no dating site can assure all their members are 100% fair and veritable, because no dating site can get into people’s goes. But good dating sites have rules and structures in place to eliminate such people as soon as they commence creating problems.

What I want in a dating site is that they:

  • Have beautiful women,
  • Permit you to contact them directly (no agency middle-man),
  • Permit you to give them your email address and for women to write to you directly,
  • Have strong anti-scam policies and eliminate people who are not what they say they are.
  • Should not be ",greedy", and all fees should be upfront.

I also look for websites that have proof that their service works, testimonials and success stories are excellent but they need to have dates on them and preferably photos. You can meet women in many different ways but can you meet the woman you truly like and be successful with her? This is the key.

Wishing you good luck,

Norman Green (Belgium)

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