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MeetMe Reviews – 460 Reviews of, Sitejabber

MeetMe Reviews - 460 Reviews of, Sitejabber

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Meetme has the potential to be a good site but they deny to create the level of security. Before when it was a dating site they might have gotten away with it but now that they are dealing when exchange of currency and their fresh diamonds for cash in feature, I wonder how long it will be before a class activity suit takes place. How can someone build up thousands of diamonds and every duo of weeks be thrown out of their own account?? If they are going TJ have currency exchange they need up threat security just like other social media and banks do. They ask you to reset your password but after you reset it you are still locked out of your account. Also hacking of accounts is common too. They need to up there web security because it is just a matter of time before people are done with this scam. It cant be ok to take peoples money and not supply the product. It takes hours out of someones life to stream for diamonds time they can get back and they deserve to get what is promised.

At any given time you see hordes of people Doing hard drugs live. So much gay Hate speech from the clients due to lack of any sort of rip enforcement. Here',s a peak for you. You only after observe it for Two minutes to see how much of it there is. Maining meetme.com knowingly turns the other way and profits from it. I challenge you to prove me wrong. So if the company says it',s doing all they can they',re lounging their arses off.

I gave it one starlet because there was no zero-star selection. It',s being used as a combination of social site and a dating site, where most of the users simply choose to be Nigerian/Ghanan/West Africans looking for your wallet. Those who choose to be on there for dating are desperate women with weight issues or personality disorders or boys who',s social abilities rise very little above their capability to expose their genitalia. Two other groups arriving on the scene lately are those looking for a pot/meth/you-name-it connection (using demonstrable innuendo across) or those looking to sell their bods (using other evident innuendo via). After awhile, earnest members get frustrated enough to simply walk away jiggling their collective goes in disbelief.

I met Shanise Jones, Mula Jones, Sean KingpinTrap Jones among many other alias accounts on FB affiliated with uhunmwangho Osaro from Chicago,IL I didn',t realize I was being scammed for money until my Mom the google detective figured out I was sending it money because it was my supposed GF and going to come here to meet me. I',m sharing this cause I was suckered in with loving texts and pictures of a dame ( fully clothed and made me laugh) my mom found a receipt for money gram. Thank God she did. My Grandpa was a police officer and trained her well. Be aware only the lonely fall for this kind of thing. Now I can only be mad at myself for believing she loved me over 9 months of texting and talking on the phone.

I used this site back in the day and determined to attempt it again with wejustfit (my cousin recommended WJF). I choose WJF all things considered but MeetMe still has some potential and so much depends on where you are and how many members these kind of sites have in your area. MeetMe used to be truly busy where I am but its not what it was in terms of numbers anymore IMHO.

Clear applications by far the best I cannot delete people from this application and made so many of them it has been excellent and wonderful to collect this with people like this because I',ve seen application use thank you

the fake people not indeed wanting to meet or date just wanting to scam you are about 10- 1 you may meet Five real people and 50 scammers do not give anyone your phone # and dont call anyone who give you theirs Scam city. Stay away

I',ve been with Meetme for Two years now. Began off legitimately looking for a Man but of course failed and eventually gave up looking on here as of Trio months ago due to it being a site for hookups Only. Never put money into it mind you.

Sent them a message regarding this and all i get is an email back from them advising me they dont know me?? After Two years and you don',t know my name/username/password, etc?? Photos?? Even Facebook tied in?

So I reply with my email once again asking them for a refund this time. Never heard from them again after this. Have been asking them for a refund since the day I Spent my $Five and have yet to receive any responses but sure enough they kicked me and banned my username/email. So after Two years and $Five they get out of me.. they drop me like it was nothing.

I apologize for this long message as I generally do Not leave reviews .. I felt it was necessary to save others from this ample waste of time and Fraud.

I think Meet me. Is a excellent datesite.

It has most the features free

Others don',t. Their support team works very hard for their members .I recommend Meetme.for your choice site of dating.

This site has gone way down hill. Used to be such a laugh with people talking on the news feed. By the way this site is not a dating site it',s a social media site. It now has live streaming so you can witness people',s cam! Evidently it',s monitored but it',s not because I',ve seen couples having lovemaking, a man shooting crap into his arm, a woman smoking a cannabis bong &, a woman playing with her fanny. Still alot of scammers &, still alot of people sending rude pics but nothing gets done about all of the above. Certainly not a site for meeting people!

banned for absolutely nothing,signed up posted a few photos replied to every message i got did and said nothing inappropriate next thing i knew i was banned,no reason no explanation and have attempted without success obviously to obtain an reaction,this site doesnt want real genuine profiles,if you are a catfish sign up they will lap you up,its 100%% the worst site on the internet find something,anything else,you will thank me in the end

Ive not been sucked away by it or had any dates yet (only ever had a real date from wejustfit.com) but I would say its fine so far, better than a lot of the crap out there. Providing it time.

Angela Eckler is a low down lounging cheaters and don',t get sucked in guys .. she is no good and told me slept with over 100 guys

I',m so glad I downloaded Meetme Four.Five years ago because I met the most amazing stud with this app. Now we',ve been together for Four years and wouldn',t have met without the app.

1- Admins censor almost everything and ban people for no reason.

Meetme is not a place to be. Besides censoring anything mundane and under the sun, such as the status ",the sky is blue",, they are vehemently anti-sexual, anti-humanity in every way possible, it',s not just the women. The website seems to target alpha fellows who are certain in speaking their minds as adults, and acts as parents to people who are adults, or already have parents, frankly, I don',t want to be a part of a website that censors any mundane or otherwise sentiment, opinions, thought forms-constructs. I just don',t. Every other post of mine is either able to be posted or is not, I',m not sure if it',s an automatic filter or what, but I feel personally targeted and gangstalked by the admin of meetme. Humans are sexual creatures, I',m not sure what their motive is here but it',s indeed stale and gets old, I can go out Into the real world with my thoughts and opinions and speak them loosely without any form of censorship of any kind. Websites like this are fated to fail due to their own uptight and absurd censorship. I think humanity needs to stop hiding from its shadow, and very first nature, at that. I just think it',s all indeed sickening.

Theres woman with 100 pictures of same woman with a different names asking for she making a thousands of pounds now have to find out who is using fakes and using celebrity pictures with out permission

I had over 70, 000 Dimonds and my account was deleted and there was zero nakedness! maybe a little gam but who cares?! who gets all this money thats intended for the broadcaster? does the vewier get it back? no! they dont. Meetme can liquidate account and steal the money anytime they see a broadcast with high Dimonds. I would like my Dimonds credited to my fresh account.

i have on this website a wile a go and there is alot of scammers on the website and these scammer sasking you money to send to them so stay away from this website you will being scamed

They embarked this entire diamond process without being fully done with it. I got my account deleted for no reason last night with 78,500 in diamonds on my account. I literally did nothing to get banned on my account. Was only live for Five min and bam everything gone. Anyone watching live can report anyone for whatever they want. I',ve had Trio viewers in a row get banned for no reason. This entire diamond into cash it',s crap. Admin never gets back to anyone. They are eventually going to get sued. The entire keeping meet me clean is ridiculous.

Questions &, Answers

Q: &ldquo, I found my husbands profile on meet me. It says last seen over a month ago. Can someone tell me does that mean two. &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, You can search for someone from the area called ",LOCALS", all dudes in the area will come up. Even spread the mile. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, I need to search someone by name and I can',t figure out how. I',m attempting to catch a cheater. Help? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, Click on locals at the top of the page and expand the area you will be able to see all people on there. If he didn',t. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, i have no account on meetme but an fake account witth my name &, pic are on meetme.what would i do?? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, MEET ME does not react to ANYTHING. they are a ",GHOST", run site. Meaning they have no employees. It runs itself. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, How do you know if a profile is fake? &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, scammer nA (USA slang): ",Con/fraudster, one that defrauded/swindled/tricked to scam, swindler, product trickster. nE. &rdquo,

Q: &ldquo, Is there a subscription fee to have an account &rdquo,

A: &ldquo, If you want to access parts of meet me that aren',t included then there is a fee but to establish an initial account. &rdquo,

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