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im a brief, sassy yet sweet youthfull lady. i have shoulder length dark brown hair that is usually highlighted with reddness that shines under the sun. sexy hazel eyes that sparkle under the moonlite.. i have cruves that could be dangerous to an underknowledged youthful man.

I am a student at UNM which i love. go lobos. I indeed like to be involved. Im in a sorority, i volunteer at an animal shelter, im a big sister for big brothers big sisters, and i am a communications major. I love to be around people and have joy.

My name is Marcella but most call me Miss Darcy. I stay in the big city of Phoenix, AZ and love it here. I love dudes with the button down shirts. Shows me that you want to impress your dame everytime your with her. Dont attempt and showcase off your muscles to me.sometimes all a chick wants is a teddy bear

Hmm, what can I say. live in good old Prescott (sad to say) from San Diego (beach baby) I love to be out and about. Usually up for anything, in a good sence. I’m youthful still attempting to detect life. ",It seems like all work and no play",.

I’m a working student, loving, sweet, and friendly &, goofy. effortless to get along well with anybody! LOVE TO JUST Dangle OUT AND CHILL, AND LOVE TO MEET SOMEONE WITH THE SAME INTEREST AS ME AND MORE, TO FIND OUT MORE ASK ME ANY QUESTIONS.

WOW. Theres alot to know about me but i’ll attempt to break it down real quick like!! =) I LOVE. softball, volleyball, budlight, dancing, my friends, my job, my co-workers, my family, the YANKEES, the DALLAS COWBOYS,

I’m from Cali and have lived in WA and Vegas. I now live in Albuquerque, NM. I’m a very outgoing person, I’m a student, I love to read, listen to music, meet fresh people, suspend out with my daughter, she’s Five and ideal.

I work for the schools! I’m gonig to school but i’ll be done soon. I love watching movies and loosening but I’m a lady so I love to be out and shopping too. I love to spend time with my family:) If you would like to know more just ask.

Hey all my name is Katie and I hate having to come up with something to say about myself, lol you can never thing of any thing to say, so just e-mail me and say hi. I am a friendly person and love to make people laugh. Have a wounderful day!

my names Amber i love swimming, camping, fishing, hiking, bike railing, fourwheelin.. indeed anything that has to do with the outdoors, would love to go skydiving and bungy hopping one day hopefully soon

I am a phat music fan, I listen to everything from metal to jazz and everything else you can think of. I am aspiring to be an audio engineer, basically I want to spend the rest of my life with music in some way, I also am indeed into tattoos, I am truly chill and always look on the upside

My name is Derrick, , and I’m in the Air Force. I’m presently stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB in Tuscan, Arizona. I Love to dangle out with my family and friends and spend time with my gf Daniela. Singin is definately one of the things I do best, I’m no Usher, but I can get th

Hi my name is Collin,I”m Hispanic,Five’Five", 160 lbs, I have hazel eyes,I like to socialize and meet fresh people, I know Ii’m a superb kisser,I’m a leo,light complected, I’m funny with a sense of humor and I got a sexy swagger, I’m also laidback and chill..anything more..Hit me up.

Hey guys! For those of you who don’t truly know me.. my name is BRiAN. I go to Apollo High School. GO HAWKS! l0l I am Filipino so don’t ask me if i’m chinese and what not. I’m quiet at very first but once you get to know me i can get pretty noisy and obnoxious. I love Mus

20 years, 6’Trio", 205lbs, partying and basketball, making people laugh is what i do. oh and dancing. junior at UNM, major: engineering. i could put more down. but does this info truly affect whether you hit yes or no? i dont think so. oh and single.

I’m a nice kool sweet funny crazy wild man who’s alwayz up to meeting fresh peeps and build nerw relationships.I’m a wise, stubborn, intellingent, who loves sacarsm in a good way. I love challenges coz life is all about challenging

I’m a very outgoing person, with a crazy, all bull shit a-side kind of personality. If you know me you’ll agree, if you dont, dangle on cuz the rail will be bumpy @ times. but alot of joy. I’m a musician, so my life is one to be envied by some, and not hoped for by others. I just like

native mutt, lol, i’ve got so many different types of native blood in me, i don’t reminisce what kind however, lol. but i know i’m primarily pima. i’m Five’Five, i’m a skinny little bastard at 111 lbs. yeah i know thats pretty damn skinny, sad part is this section

What about me? Well I grew up on the ruff streets of the Alb. Went to Rio Grand High. That’s where i played foot ball,and base ball. I did some drama class. did the play Stand and produce. I played Chico the leader of the gang. One thing about me I like to go to my boys house and flow in

I truly hate doing this, but I guess it’s the only way to see if anyone wants to say hi, so here it goes. I’m a single father of Trio. CEO of a fresh computer networking company here in ABQ. I’m timid at very first until I get to know you, then I’m very out going.

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