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So no matter what your age (or sexual orientation or marital status), there are singles out there on popular and niche senior dating sites looking for others in your age range.

So no matter what your age (or sexual orientation or marital status), there are singles out there on popular and niche senior dating sites looking for others in your age range.

Presenting The Best Mature Dating Sites To Find Someone Your Age

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Online dating isn&rsquo,t reserved for the so-called hookup culture of Millennials looking to quickly swipe and score. Sure, there are apps out there for just that purpose, but the majority of legitimate online dating sites actually match you with others for interactions ranging from friendships to marriage based specifically on who you are, regardless of your age and many other trivial factors. If you&rsquo,re fresh to online dating, or still attempting to wrap your head around the idea of meeting someone for romantic purposes online, rest assured: online dating sites are designed to make meeting others you are compatible with effortless and even joy &mdash, so you can stop all that worrying that you&rsquo,ll never find someone at your age.

You&rsquo,re never too old to join a dating site and if you&rsquo,ve been out of the dating game for some time, you&rsquo,ll soon detect that online dating sites are pretty much the digital equivalent of that one super-social matchmaker friend you always wished you had. Keep an open mind and a strong backbone and you&rsquo,re likely to find your special someone sooner than you ever thought possible. To get embarked, browse through our list of the best online dating sites suited for the senior, or &ldquo,mature,&rdquo, crowd.


At the top of our list is Match, one of the most popular dating sites out there and for good a reason: It simply works. This trusted site is permanently finding fresh and better ways to match you, accomplish with algorithms updates and ever-growing list of ways to interact with others. Each day you receive a handpicked selection of top matches based on what dating preferences you have set as well as on your behavior on the site, such as the types of profiles you tend to interact with. You can run a diversity of searches as well, filtering everything from religion to eye color, or play a quick matching game to meet others in a more speedy style.


Despite common misconception, Eharmony is not a religious dating site. Rather, it&rsquo,s one of the longest-running dating sites on the Internet. It launched with a frantically successful, very detailed matching system consisting of a broad range of questions that it still uses today. The site makes your dating practice utterly personalized, with everything from profiles that look more like colorful, expressive scrapbooks of your life to gentle reminders about protracted potential matches.

Elite Singles

If your professional life has held you hostage from your individual one for years, you&rsquo,ll feel right at home on Elite Singles. The site is designed for busy professionals who want to find that special someone but simply don&rsquo,t have the time to download and work their way through dozens of dating apps. Because of this intent, the site attracts like-minded singles who are mostly refined, established professionals. This is a site where your very first date is more likely to be at a gourmet restaurant rather than a hot dog stand because it&rsquo,s packed with members who know how to take care of themselves and treat others with similar respect.

Senior Friend Finder

Senior Friend Finder is part of the phat Friend Finder network of sites and is specifically designed for more mature online daters. Because it&rsquo,s part of the Friend Finder network, the site has a massive pool of users who are very active and extroverted, at least in terms of their digital presence. It won&rsquo,t take you long to begin emailing or talking back and forward with one or the many other members. With a plain search, you can come up with thousands of profiles to browse through, providing you seemingly limitless options and permitting your online dating practice to take you down one of many roads. The site works hard to ensure you&rsquo,re watching everyone you could potentially match with, highlighting upwards of 30 select matches per day, which is much more than the typical number for any online dating site.

Senior People Meet

If you&rsquo,re in the 50-and-up crowd, Senior People Meet is your go-to resource for finding other singles your age looking to add some romance into their lives. The site has an utterly easy-to-use interface paired with an identically simplistic signup process. Embark with an effortless numerous choice questionnaire that will activate a Free User profile and you can begin to browse right away. Plainness and ease are the backbone of Senior People Meet, contributing to much of its success and popularity.


Whether you&rsquo,re looking to begin your relationship off on a pen-pal basis, seeking a travel fucking partner, or looking to leap right into a serious relationship, OurTime is there to meet all your needs and then some. The dating site grants you the freedom to browse its entire database of members, and, in addition, presents you with handpicked matches each day. Profiles are thorough enough to provide all the relevant information you would need to know about someone upfront without being so lengthy they&rsquo,re like reading a novel.

Love Again

As the name suggests, Love Again is crafted for those looking for their 2nd, third, fourth, or simply next chance at love. It&rsquo,s ideal for those looking to either become friends and then paramours, or those looking to leap right back into the lovey-dovey romance game. The freshly designed site features a simplistic interface and is utterly effortless to use for novice to experienced online daters.

Attempt Love Again for $24.99 for 1 month


Zoosk&rsquo,s easy-to-learn and -use interface attracts users of every age and background to the site. It&rsquo,s lightly one of the most simplistic dating sites out there but the distraction-free treatment resonates with users as it resumes to grow in size, presently boasting over 8 million verified photos and supporting the transmission of over Three million messages a day. Everything from the signup process to the way you detect others is noticeably lighter compared to most other online dating sites and as a result it fosters a low-key, laid back environment. This established, mainstream dating site help you hone in on one profile at a time, much like eHarmony, so you can use it at your own tempo, which is a nice switch from the many swiping apps that encourage rushed decisions. If you&rsquo,re in an outgoing mood, the site suggest various ways to &ldquo,promote&rdquo, yourself to large groups of potential matches at once, so it never seems like you&rsquo,re wasting any time. On the roll side, if you&rsquo,d rather play the long game, you always have the option to sit back and let the site do the mighty lifting, delivering hand-picked matches to you using an ever-improving Behavioral Matchmaking engine. What truly sets Zoosk apart from other popular dating sites is the friendly, accepting atmosphere it creates that much more closely resembles a regular social network than a full-on dating site. With any online dating pressure left on the backburner, Zoosk truly permits you to feel safe voicing as much of yourself as you feel open to sharing.

The best online dating sites take into account factors such as your age, marital status, parental obligations, and more. The more legitimate sites like these take some (not much, but some) time and effort, but in requiring some brain power they also deter the junior, casual hookup crowd and actually attract more mature audiences looking to meet others for substantial friendships, casual dating, relationships, and marriage.

They match you based on criteria you input about yourself, along with the qualities you seek in others, and use specialized algorithms to ensure you interact with the members you are either seeking or are most likely to be compatible with. Don&rsquo,t worry, you won&rsquo,t be matched with an 18-year-old on the site, so long as you go after the plain registration steps that permit you to input a desired age range. There&rsquo,s also no need to worry that you&rsquo,ll never find someone your age.

Let&rsquo,s look at the facts. From 2013 to 2015, the use of online dating apps enlargened by almost two thirds for people ages 45 to 54 and almost doubled for those ages 56 to 64. If you&rsquo,re on the junior end but still consider yourself a mature dater, don&rsquo,t worry. Research found 21 percent of singles ages 35 to 44 use online dating apps, as do 21 percent of singles ages 25 to 34. So no matter what your age (or sexual orientation or marital status), there are singles out there on popular and niche senior dating sites looking for others in your age range. In fact, age isn&rsquo,t as much of an issue at all anymore. We&rsquo,re living in a culture that lodges down later and often does so more than once. It doesn&rsquo,t matter if you&rsquo,re single at 45 anymore, nor does it matter if you&rsquo,re looking for your third marriage. Nothing is black and white anymore, especially when it comes to any sort of unspoken &ldquo,rules&rdquo, of online dating.

But there are some things to keep in mind when you&rsquo,re using an online dating site for actual (or mature) online dating. Recall that life is sped up in the digital world, so while fifteen years ago you may have waited three days after a date before calling, in today&rsquo,s times a text before you head to bed after a date is totally normal, if not expected.

You also have more options than you&rsquo,re very likely used to, which can lead some people down a slimy, self-destructive path of dismissing others in search of that &ldquo,ideal&rdquo, match. Of course you deserve the one that makes your heart skip a hammer but do keep in mind that no one is flawless and while online dating can make it seem like there are endless fish in the sea, it&rsquo,s best to give those you are genuinely interested in or attracted to a fair chance. On the roll side, you can&rsquo,t take early stage dating behavior too personally. You’re both on online dating apps, meaning you&rsquo,re both actively dating, which in turns means, yes, she&rsquo,s most likely in the process of talking to other fellows in her life while she&rsquo,s on a date with you &mdash, just hopefully not when she&rsquo,s not on that date. You&rsquo,ll want to always treat others with respect, so going on your dating app while on a date is rather frowned upon, yet you&rsquo,ll find the most satisfaction if you can learn to take things lightly and not expect too much commitment upfront.

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