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Why You Should Never Get into Dating a Male Model

Let’s confess: when we look at the pictures of male models we immediately want to date them. It happens over a second, just BOOM and you imagine yourself on a sofa with this guy. Hot body, white smile, nice hair – all this makes you want him right now. But what if you actually date a male model? Is it that wonderful?

Well, if you are ready to deal with endless collections of lotions and hair waxes in the bathroom then you should try. And let’s face it: most of the models have not really high IQ, not all of them but still. If you are ready to explain things to him all the time – go for it. But better don’t.

Here are a couple of reasons why you really shouldn’t:

  • If a guy is a male model – he’s a young male model, usually below 30. Do you even need that? Most of the guys below 30 don’t know anything about women and how to impress them with something more than appearance. You deserve more than that, girl.
  • Money issue. When you’re dating a guy you expect him to give you presents, to buy you a pair of shoes once in a while, but male models are too busy spending money on themselves. They have to dress well and expensive, buying numerous jackets, jeans, shoes, and bracelets. Fashion is his profession, so he’s all into it.
  • No sense of humor. Again, mostly. Probably it happens because they don’t have to use it actually. All they need to do in order to seduce a girl is to give that kind of look, you know. Desperately passionate one. But there is nothing better than a good laugh with a person you’re attracted to. With the male model, you’ll probably laugh at him, not with him.
  • It’s already quite obvious that male models are not that smart. Mostly. Let’s not even deny that, cause that’s a fact. Maybe you’re a lucky one and you are dating an intelligent make model who’d modeling just for fun but has a full-time job where he uses his brain. Good for you! But most of the time those guys do only modeling. And fitness. To get successful in modeling. Yeah, that’s how it works. A gym is their home and the only thing they love more than gym is themselves. Please, male models, don’t take this as an offense! Let’s assume you are just an exception from this whole gang of silly boys.  

Are those cons above not convincing? If so, give it a shot, get into dating a male model and prove us wrong!

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