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Tinder Is so 2015

Tinder Is so 2015

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These are our dearest dating apps out there right now (sorry, Tinder didn’t make the list)

Love ’em or hate ’em, dating apps are here to stay. Tinder has been ruling supreme for the past duo years &mdash, but now that pretty much everyone we know has at least a handful of horrible war stories, we’re kinda ready to stir on to something fresh.

We did a little research and are loving these 9 apps (that aren’t Tinder) right now.

1. WooPlus

The creators of WooPlus caught wind of all the body-shaming that was going down on Tinder and aim to make their app a safe space for plus-sized women (and fellows) to blend and meet up.

“We are committed to proving that human beings are a lot more than their size. And we do so by helping plus size singles have a shot at finding the right kind of companionship,” states WooPlus on its website. “So, all you big damsels and big guys tired of rejection, WooPlus app offers you a chance to find compatible fucking partners you can befriend, date, have long-term relationships with or even marry.”

Two. Sweatt

So Sweatt hasn’t indeed taken off just yet &mdash, but we’re indeed hoping it does, because we’re totally in love with the concept. It’s a dating app for people who like to stay fit, and you can match up with people based on what times you like to work out, what kind of exercise you choose, and photos (of course). Considering most dating apps are all about alcohol and glad hour, Sweatt’s take is fairly refreshing.

Three. Hater

OK, so we know that in order to indeed click with a fresh playmate you need to have at least a duo things in common &mdash, but isn’t it more significant to hate the same things instead of having a ton of common interests?

That’s the concept behind the fresh app Hater. When you sign up, you’ll be suggested Trio,000 hand-selected topics to weigh in on &mdash, including marijuana, build the wall, gluten-free and tipping less than 15 percent.

But if you’re a little off-put by the word hate, don’t worry. CEO Brendan Alper says they want to users to bond over things they dislike, but actual hate is not something the site condones.

“We view hate speech as totally unacceptable, we have zero tolerance for any sort of bigotry or hate speech or discrimination,” he says.

Four. Klique

Klique used to be a group-date only practice, but they recently announced a fresh update that permits users to match individually, creating more opportunities to connect with and detect fresh people. You can match solo now, but you can also have the extra convenience and safety of creating a Klique group to make fresh connections with your friends by your side, so to speak.

The app undoubtedly seems to be aimed towards 20-somethings who are intense into the party scene &mdash, which is kind of ideal, because you certainly need a wingman any time you meet someone for the very first time in a club setting.

Five. Bark ‘N’ Borrow

If you’re a dog person, you’re gonna want to check this one out. Bark&rsquo,N&rsquo,Borrow connects dog owners with a community of trusted and verified dog paramours for walks, sitting appointments and play dates.

It’s not indeed a dating app for you as much as it is for you dog, per se &mdash, but when you’re dangling out with a bunch of peeps who adore canines, love is sure to be in the air sooner or later.

6. FirstMet

FirstMet (formerly Are You Interested) boasts a network of over 30 million users who are on the market. Those numbers are nothing to sneeze at &mdash, and we all know that the more users there are, the more our chances of hooking up with someone compatible skyrockets.

The platform seems to attract a more mature dater, so if you are over fooling around with douchers, you might want to give FirstMet a attempt.

7. Neqtr

Neqtr is an app for those who want to make a difference in the world &mdash, and meet like-minded people to share meaningful relationships with.

The concept is totally relevant, because with you-know-who in office there’s been more marches and rallies recently than there has been in decades &mdash, and surely fighting for social justice is even more fulfilling when you have a fucking partner by your side.

8. Down

Down. As in DTF. Yes, it’s totally crude, but at least you know what you’re getting into when you sign up. This one seems like it’s for those who just want to get in, get out, and get on their way with no pretense.

9. Happn

Happn is GPS-based, and the entire idea is to connect you with someone you most likely have already crossed paths with (or happened upon, if you will) on campus, in a park, or just walking down the street. It’s kind of like a cross inbetween Tinder and Cragslist’s “Missed Connections.” It a cool concept, but can also open you up to some creeprs &mdash, exercise caution while Happn-ing.

Originally published February 2013. Updated March 2017.

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