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10 things all women do while getting ready for a date that might surprise you

Sometimes women are hard to understand. Especially when they are in love. Especially when they are getting ready for a date with this person. Even when you are going to movies or having a walk in the park, women need to be prepared for this. And this preparation requires a lot of things that men (and even some women) can consider as weird.

They start their preparation 3 hours ahead

Or even more. For women, getting ready for a date means not only physical but also mental preparation. They need time to make everything seem perfect and be confident in how they look like.

They are trying to find matching lingerie

Finding a suitable lingerie is a big topic. Firstly, it should be matching (just in case). Secondly, it shouldn’t be darker than her clothes. And then there is a struggle between comfortable and sexy underwear. Even if she is sure that there won’t be sex on this date, she needs to consider all the possibilities and not to embarrass herself with her favorite old pinky underpants.

They never stop on one outfit

The biggest problem of all women – they never have enough clothes even if they wardrobes are full. That’s why they should try a billion outfits just to make sure they will find the perfect one.

They discuss everything with their friends

Starting from the outfit they’ll choose to the way you laugh on the date. So if you catch a woman texting something in the middle of the date, most probably she’s discussing you with her friends.

They hold their mouth open while they apply mascara

Nobody actually knows why. But this way is always easier and maybe it’s the only way to get perfect makeup.

They need to decide their mood for today

Is it already okay to look just a little bit slutty or it’s still better to pretend like you are a cute girl? You will be surprised how easily women can change with a little help of makeup and the right outfit. So getting ready for a date is not just about the outfit they choose, it’s more about the mood they are in.

They are having a dance break

Did you know that it’s the most important part of preparation? Making faces in front of the mirror and imagining that you are in a music video are things that usually take the biggest part of a date preparations.

They take a glass of wine

Getting ready for a date is quite a nervous process and women need some relaxation time. It will also give them more confidence when finally meeting their dating partner. So never judge her for that. This is the rule.

They are taking loads of selfies

Maybe they do it to make sure that they look perfect. Or maybe they just use this chance while they still look good to make new photos for their Instagram profile. Who knows… But taking selfies is a crucial part of getting ready for a date and it can’t be skipped.

They are late anyway

It seems almost impossible to be late when you started 3 hours ahead. But somehow women are still good at managing that. Is it weird? Yes, a bit. But not really surprising anymore 😉

Do you know some other weird things all women do when getting ready for a date?

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