Home » local online dating » Friday or Saturday Nights I I would Dj in clubs back home, now either home calming, studying, working, or at a dinner &#38,/or Dance club, Movie, or a night out.

Friday or Saturday Nights I I would Dj in clubs back home, now either home calming, studying, working, or at a dinner &#38,/or Dance club, Movie, or a night out.

Friday or Saturday Nights I I would Dj in clubs back home, now either home relaxing, studying, working, or at a dinner &#38,/or Dance club, Movie, or a night out.

Dearest Food Seafood

Dearest Places England

More About Me Well I’m a well traveled man as I’ve been working/living in several countries during last years because of my Work, as I’m pretty fresh in Munich, I would like to meet people here and have some joy.

Political Affiliation Nothing

Who I Would Like to Meet I would like to meet in person people around my area as I’m fresh in Munich.

Dearest Music Reggeae, Ska Music, Jazz, Chill Out, Rock

Dearest TV Shows Big bang theory

Dearest Movies Matrix, LOTR, Science Fiction

Where You Were Raised Venezuela

Others Notice At very first I look at peoples eyes. that’s what I’m firstly attracted.

Dearest Food Indian and exotic

Friday or Saturday Nights I Doing ordinary things like going to a Cinema, Bar, Restaurant or maybe Taking a tour to somewhere.

Secret . I see dead people. LOL

More About Me I am straight forward, casual, relaxed, down to earth, REAL. I am funny, entertaining, a lot of joy.nI am a people person, caring, sensitive to you, respectful, understanding, positive, responsible, a good listener. Intuitive and perceptive, loving, gentle. I will always adore you, keep you very first, place you high above all others and treat you as my princess bride. A tender, understanding man, that loves &, has a relationship w/God also. This does not mean a religious fanatic, just a believer, with faith &, conviction, you should know what i mean. I am down to earth, funny, entertaining, experienced and a lot of joy. Thoughtful, considerate, generous to a fault sometimes. I am the most real, i don’t have any patience for fake, phony individuals. Some would say i am being stereotypical &, judgmental, but there is a Big difference inbetween that &, when many of us have our own particular preference &, especially if these preferences are specific &, of a certain detail. Then it is what we are acquainted to &, are convenient with. I do not understand those that stereotype &, are judgmental to other people, i do not do this. It will become necessary if you have an interest, that you at least have a phone, for future conversations &,/or a computer. I have found from practice that this is essential. If you do not posses these contraptions or don’t have any capability to communicate with me this way, good luck then.

Hobbies / Interests / Activities I have MANY, Interests, too numerous to mention here &, now. I am sure there aren’t too many things you would like to do that i wouldn’t.

Political Affiliation Moderate/independent/democrat/socialist.. I don’t believe in any extreme, controlling right wing political position that is instituted in a way that controls peoples rights to their freedom &, speech. We should all have the right to choose &, to determine what religion or political position we believe, without disadvantaging others.

Who I Would Like to Meet Seeking real, genuine, woman, for friendship to embark and be able to see what compatibilities and chemistry exists, for a future serious potential. Introspective, securing, compromising, emotionally strong. Interested in a positive, responsible, fair, mature minded woman of depth and substance, that is family oriented, Righteous, one that has strong faith, a relationship with God, that knows how to make and keep a home. Multi faceted in her personality. One that has a plan and one that wants to make a plan with me, for a future together. Slender, medium, ample, utter bodied. Average height, fair, medium tone, to olive, suntan complected. In a flawless world this is my preference, still not set in stone. Personality, chemistry and compatibility will overrule, while looks will remain part of the equation. I like Mixed race, European, Caucasian Amer. If you are Multi Racial from anywhere in the world. I like Romanian, Russian, Ukraine, Grind, Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian, Austrian, Swiss, Latvian, Kyrgyzstan, German, etc. European/Mediterranean woman in general, so don’t get me wrong, just no african scammers and gold digging players whatsoever. I’m not in any rush, looking to get to know some1 real well very first.

Beloved Music I am very diverse, i don’t want to be categorised in one area. I used to DJ. I like dance music, Global Underground, i like Rock especially from 60’s, but from most decades, i like 80’s fresh wave. I like classical, I like World Music, R&,B, Jazz, Reggae.

Beloved TV Shows I like MANY shows, too numerous to mention here.

Beloved Movies There are so many, Venture, Romance, Comedy, Sci Fi, Foreign, Independent. I use to work in Film/Movie production also.

Beloved Books I read a lot of explore material that is involved in my work, wholesale foreclosure Real Estate. But my individual interest involves, current world events, world politics, History documentaries, &, so on..

Beloved Quotes ",Behaviour speaks for itself",

Where You Were Raised Fresh Jersey/Fresh York, U.S.

Others Notice idk?

Abilities/Talents I am experienced, versatile &, open minded. s.s. r.e. foreclosure, Online Investment. AV tech dir.

Beloved Food I am Not a Vegeterian, but fairly borderline, I Love Salads &, vegetables, i also Love Health food, but in contradiction, there are some meats i like, Chiken, Fish &, Mmmm, Steak. Not into burgers so much, I also love Bratwurst, &, sauerkraut I like some Asian, But i Love German dishes &, Italian, Cakes, Pastries.

Dearest Places Europe, Hawaii.

Subjects You Think About World Culture, World History, World Religion the future state of the world.

Friday or Saturday Nights I I would Dj in clubs back home, now either home calming, studying, working, or at a dinner &,/or Dance club, Movie, or a night out. I have always been outgoing. Now i like downtime, i am a homebody too.

Life Goals To be successful in my chosen field, in order to establish &, live a comfy life.. Success means many things to many different people. I have had some success in my field of probe. Now i examine &, work in Online Investing &, Foreclosure R.E. With this i hope to have a convenient life, with family &, to travel some interesting cultures &, places!

Secret Maybe, depends on who the person is, i would tell of course.

Beloved Music House, Rock, charts

Dearest TV Shows The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, King of Queens

Beloved Movies Activity, Comedy, horror

Dearest Books Stephen King

Where You Were Raised I were raised in Germany

Others Notice My dark brown eyes, and my personality. it´s awesome ,-),

Dearest Food maccaroni and cheese, spaghetti

Dearest Places Miami Beach, Castle Neuschwanstein

Friday or Saturday Nights I In a night club or stringing up around with friends

Where You Were Raised don´t know. ),

Others Notice openminded, sexual oriented, providing

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