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Trio. Meet people all over Canada.

3. Meet people all over Canada.

Its all up to me and you

Im soo different from the rest

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About Youtext

Youtext.com has been active in the dating industry worldwide since 2002, we built an extensive database with singles joining on a daily base and many people hooking up every day!

Youtext.com is made up of a joy, high-quality group of singles from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all professions and all ages, who are living life to its fullest and looking for others to share their practices with. Dates, soul mates, friends, and even pen pals galore. take your pick!

Three. Meet people all over Canada.

Youtext.com makes it effortless to meet people inwards your usual area or even outside if you choose, our matching technology is simply based on geographical matching, just like meeting people in the local bar. We leave it up to you to figure out whether your pick has been right or not. Our search technology enables us to find a match based on any given distance you selected, therefore we could search for you in your own home town or even across the sea. Just think, you might be walking past your soul mate every day and never even know it.

Four. Whenever you want, where ever you are!

Our text messaging technology enables you to use our service whenever you want and whereever you are, as long as you have service on your cell phone. No need to wait until your back from work to check your e-mail messages, just check your phone for fresh text messages.

Five. Text messasing gives you a better look at the other person.

Text messaging can be done at each and every given point of the day, this means that you will get to know your match in the mornings, during their work perhaps or sometimes even in the middle of the night when he/she can’t sleep. This will give you a better inwards look at who the other person indeed is.

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