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Slew of Fish Vs Okcupid, PairedLife

Plenty of Fish Vs Okcupid, PairedLife

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Is the Slew of Fish Dating App Better Than Okcupid?

Slew of Fish and Okcupid were the very first dating sites I ever used before they were available as an app. I infrequently use either site now, but I will share the pros and cons of both, based on my practice using these apps extensively in the past.

I can’t say one site is better than the other. Slew of Fish has a much larger user base, but sometimes one site will produce better results than the other. Using both sites is best, but Okcupid has switched, removing features that were once free and making them available only as a paid upgrade. The site is still free to use, but you can no longer see who viewed your profile unless you upgrade.

  • Free. There are premium upgrade options available, but the site is downright free to use otherwise, including sending and receiving messages.
  • Yam-sized member base. Unless you live in a rural area, you won’t have a shortage of people to message. The site was around long before dating apps and it’s still one of the largest free dating sites on the Internet.
  • Swiping. The app has a swiping feature similar to Tinder.
  • See who viewed your profile for free.
  • Flaky women. Not all women I met on POF were flaky of course, but many were. Some chicks would vanish for no reason, after agreeing on date plans. This works both ways of course. Women have stories about guys being flaky on the site too, but this occurred more on this site than any other.
  • Fake profiles. Almost every time a user would add me to their favorites list it was a fake profile. I would also receive scam messages too, but not often. The fake profiles are evident to see in a basic search.
  • No way to hide a profile. You can block a profile, but you can’t hide one, so you see the same profiles you’ve already looked at every time you do a search.
  • Free. Like POF, the site is free, however, OKC has taken away certain free features, like being able to see who viewed your profile.
  • Profile questions. Members have the option to response profile questions. Reading the answers makes it lighter to see if you have anything in common before sending a message.
  • Nice profile layout. Unlike POF, the profile page is organized by numerous sections, beginning with a self-summary.
  • More photos. You can add ten photos to your profile, in addition to connecting your profile with Instagram to showcase those photos.
  • Decent response rate. For some reason, the response rate on this site has always been better for me, but there were times when it was the opposite of that.
  • Inability to see who viewed your profile. This feature was included for free for a long time, but now it’s only available as an A-list upgrade.
  • Fake profiles. For a while it seemed like the fake profiles were less, but then it got worse.
  • Annoying notifications. The match notifications are sent almost daily, which I thought was a little too much. Notifications can be turned off.

Is Either Site Good for Dating?

Both the Slew of Fish dating app and Okcupid are good ways to meet people and get dates, but you must have your profile set up decently for any dating site to yield results. That means having quality pictures and a accomplish profile that isn’t boring or negative. Learning how to send good very first messages is identically significant. I personally found OKC to have a better response rate.

On Slew of Fish, I have noticed that after you send one or two messages, your profile becomes more visible on the site and you get more views and interaction. On both dating sites, I recommend sending numerous, well-written messages. Always ask for a date in the third or fourth message if the conversation is going well.

Using numerous dating sites is the best way to get dates when one or two sites aren’t working out. Two extra dating apps that have worked well for me in the past are Clover and Bumble. Both apps are similar to Tinder and less time consuming to use than dating sites with lengthy profiles.


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