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Blind Dates and Online Dating

Blind Dates and Online Dating

“I have an online paramour, we have been ‘,witnessing’ each other for one year now” was the assurance that online dating works from a friend of mine with whom we had an argument on whether online dating is fruitful or not. “We have gone through many ups and downs together”, he continued, “communication inbetween us as been good, love assurance, phone smooching, hugging, and lovemaking. We have re-ignited our love severally and made promises. Thanks to the Internet and mobile telephony.”

“How sure are you that your love is true?” I asked as I pondered on how real blind dating could be. He took a deep breath and said, “Our dating has been so real. The good times has comprised us sharing gifts, pictures of wonderful occasions, both sending each other flowers on special dates. But we have been through hectic times too. We have quarreled, blamed each other and shed tears, and even to make it more real, we have violated up and amended.”

Another friend’s practice was the meeting day. They met and made love, then, they broke up. What was interesting with his date was that he wasn’t actually the one coordinating the online date, but a friend who assumed his personality brought the two together.

Personally I got several online friends. I have met most of them and this is the part most intriguing. As one gets down to business of making an online date, there are always expectations on what kind of person one is interested in finding. The person on the other side of the world must consist of certain peculiar qualities. When the description sates the expectations, seriousness of perfecting the friendship ensues with the ultimate aim of face-to-face meeting.

So the meeting arrangement is done and both parties come to agree on time and venue. The dressing style, the appearance and so forward and so on. On the very day of the meeting, whether at the airport or a restaurant, the two make sure that they are very ready for the surprise.

Is she truly the picture I have been eyeing? Does he indeed talk the way he does over the phone? What is her walking style? What will he think of me? Will I be exceptional in this attire? What will I say very first? These and many more are some of the questions that are always in the minds of the two who are just to meet.

Let me confess that the very first time meeting is never what you think it should be. Of the friends I have, none has remained in my list of friends except one, who fortunately was just a friend with no strings linked. You see their pictures, but you see totally different kind of persons when you eventually make to see each other face to face. One of my friends had just sent me a picture, description of how she was dressed that day and other physical details. But when we ultimately met, she was totally a different person!

So far blind dates have not been that much of joy to me. The only time I love these friends is when we talk over the phone and listen to the sweet assurances that we are cared for, loved and cherished. Most the online talks with them always end up spending more than proportioned time. It is interesting to have online dates, and keep them online. Face to face meetings may prove disappointing and mostly, the meeting is most likely the occasion for a break up, you either not her expectations, or you just didn’t think soberly on what actually she is composed of. Therefore, before one finishes the blind date, determining to open up the eyes and meet in a real world, I suppose a prior investigation in whatever manner on who the online date is would prove more fruitful.

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