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Hottest and Sexiest Women By Country - Swoop The World

Finding the greatest and sexiest women in the world is not effortless, so for all the would be travelers out there who wonder which countries out there have the women for them, I have made a map detailing the best and sexiest women by country based on the practices of myself and others (pictures included). Threads from RooshV’s Travel Forum were also taken into account.

The ideas for this map were taken from HERE from an old list of mine. This map is called Greatest and Sexiest Women By Country: http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=32066

About the Map and How it was Made

This is a map that shows on average which countries have the greatest and sexiest women. As an American you may be astonished that I did not rank the United States very high. You may be astonished since you have seen innumerable smoking hot American women on TV. Unluckily that is not even close to the average chick and thanks to very high obesity rates, the average hottness of a chick walking around is not very high. Duo that with the fact that American women are taking less and less care of themselves (going out in roll flops and baggy t-shirts) you can can see why they did not receive a very high score.

There are beautiful women in every country in the world, don’t think that because a country received a low score that you won’t find hot women there. But you can believe that the average chicks in those countries wont be the greatest and sexiest women in the world.

What use is a Beautiful Dame if you can’t have her?

Albeit I do love just looking at a sexy damsel, what’s indeed significant to me is to be able to make her mine. To know how to be able to attract these beautiful women by following only 9 rules check out The 9 Laws of Attractive Bod Language. Dudes have something similar to super powers …, their assets language. They can switch the mood of a room as you inject, they can woo a dame to do almost anything. Do you want to waste something so powerful?

This could never be ideal because beauty is subjective and there is no ideal way to measure it. One man my find a certain look absolutely beautiful while to another man she is just average. Still, there is an international standard of beauty that most dudes do agree on, so overall it will be accurate. As a man who loves women of all races, I feel that I have distributed the rankings accurately.

You may notice that African countries have a slightly lower score on average (partly do to poverty and not being able to take care of themselves), but when I come out with a Best Bootie by country map, you will see that black women have not been forgotten.

For some of the countries that don’t have many tourists, the ratings have been based on the few practices that have been reported and other sources. There is no way to make a ideal map of the greatest and sexiest women by country so take all these things into account while viewing the map.


Argentina has arguably(Vs. Colombia) the best Latina women in the world. It is famous for having beautiful women that truly take care of themselves. However, they are also famous for the fact that these women are not effortless to bed. If you like looking, but not touching this map be the spot for you.


Out of every country that I have been to, Colombia has the most beautiful women. There are so many stunners here with faces and forms that will suck your mind. Damsels here aren’t very effortless, but not very hard at the same time. In Colombia you can look and touch, and for that I would recommend traveling there if you are into Latinas over Argentina. Check out our adventures in Colombia HERE.


Estonia is said to have the largest concentration of beautiful white women on the planet. These skinny, womanish women truly know how to take care of themselves. These chicks are not the easiest women in Europe, but they are known to be some of the most beautiful.


Located right next to Estonia, it is no wonder that this is another location that you can find the most beautiful white women on the planet. The cold weather here doesn’t discourage Latvian women from looking their best and sexiest at all time.


Japanese ladies have skinny bods with little forms, however, they have absolutely beautiful faces. On top of this they are adorable and womanish and very friendly. I would not call them effortless, but it might just be worth the challenge. Check out what THC learned in Japan HERE.


Vietnamese women have beautiful Asian faces and remarkably curvy bods. I wouldn’t say they indeed compare to Latinas in forms, but compared to other Asians they do OK. Their sweet, womanish personalities are a joy to be around and I would call them good wifey material. Check out the adventures in Cambodia and Vietnam HERE.


Famous in Africa for their beautiful women, Ethiopa is utter of hot women. Thanks to their blend of African and Middle Eastern features, Ethiopians are commonly referred to as the most attractive African women.


With nice, light features and excellent forms, the women of Angola give Ethiopian women a challenge for the title of greatest women in Africa.

Persian women are famous for their beauty. Their exotic features make for a very unique and stunning type of beauty. However, most of these chicks are Muslims, so this won’t be the easiest place for you to score.

This and more information on countries is shown in the map Greatest and Sexiest Women By Country. Beauty is what dudes find most attractive, but it is not almost all of the story of what women find attractive, to learn every single thing that women find attractive check out Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You.

For guys who love hot chicks from around the world, love the female form with the world’s sexiest cheerleaders

Other Maps by Swoop The World:

You can also find out the Overall Best Women in the World. Taken from the overall scores from Face, Bra-stuffers, Donk, Bod, Style/Hygiene, Personality, Effeminacy, Sluttiness, Foreigner Value and Loyalty (1/Ten scores you will be able to see), I have created a ranking of the Best Overall Women in the World – Click Here To See

About the Author


Read More SwoopTheWorld:

20 Nation-nice pics and analysis.

Does the 20 Nation mean 420 so 420 Nation.

Funny story actually. It began out as a username when I was junior, 20After4. Then it ended up just morphing into 20nation after I joined a clan…, I was such a nerd ??

I was a gigantic Ultima Online nerd. Loved me some PvP. Then I got laid at 16 and haven’t gamed since. Thank god for snatch.

haha cunt liberated me as well. RTS games were my addiction, now it’s women. We made a significant upgrade I would say

If we r talking about natural beauty ande sexy women ,they’re Wrong all those top countries are known for plastic surgery and all implants .

Not all of them have that problem.

May the greatest and sexist be as the grains of sand on the seashore. And the opposite be as uncommon as astartine.

well said will. That’s the way it should be

I’ve spent several weeks in Iran and my opinion is that Persian women are not as good looking as the reputation goes. Is it the taboo factor that makes them more exotic and desireable? Many fatties there, and Persian women are certainly one off the fattest users of cosmetics in the world. And a lot of plastic surgeries are done there. Nothing to brag about..

But 20! Where is KOREA?! I think all more experienced travellers are ready to vote for the stunning beauties you’ll seen on streets in Seoul.

On the map I actually put Korea as high as Iran. Four/Five. I didn’t leave behind Korea. It’s just that there are more asian countries with hot damsels than there are middle eastern countries with hot ladies.

Middle Eastern countries have more hot/beautiful women than Asian countries. It’s just that they are not in their bite swimsuits and brief skirts for most fellows to notice

dude middle east women are overrated. but ill admit if they look good they are just striking. but they use a ton of make up to get that(they truly foucus on eyes and eyebrows for some reason)

in the middle east asside from isreal the lebanese are the sexiest. persians are next but a thick hit and miss since they are big on plastic surgery(nose espically).plus obeisty is growing there. in afghanistan,iraq,egypt and gulf arab nations fat damsels are considered sexy(look it up). libya to morrocco the upper class influenced by europe perfer slender chicks(also more likely to emigrate). while typical perfer chubby due to arab(saudi) influence.

hate to say it but the asian women win mostly.

Hate to say it but asian damsels are one of the highest consumers of cosmetics. Average asian damsels when compared to others fail to surpass them beauty wise. Even Miss Universe candidates of Asia can’t compare to the rest. Asian chicks are not a view for sore eyes, especially when their mask of makeup comes off. So much work and operations to look good when others are simply gifted with a superb physique. As for Middle Eastern countries, I agree. You can’t judge what you can’t see.

I personally don’t find Asian women attractive at all, but feel that their very fine wives and girlfriends. They support their dudes beyond any other race, have duo of cousins who married them. Agree with Middle Eastern Women that Lebanon, Iran, Egypt and some parts of Turkey you’ll

find Stunners. But in reality there are hot damsels wherever you go, Asians, Middle East, Europe, Africa, USA or South America. Even however I keep on hearing Swedish damsels are hot, not all of them. I traveled a lot as a kid, lived in Sweden and their are hot chicks their but their are some ugly and fat chicks as well. So cant stereotype it truly. It all comes with preference, even however Asian damsels are attractive to most likely most people I don’t find them attractive to me but to someone else their stunners.

You may be possiblely homosexual then. East Asian females are the most attractive in the world.

Nah, white European women and Black African womem are the least beautiful. They get more cosmetic qnd plastic surgery than anyother woman in the world. East Asian women are the most beautiful in the world, their beauty is all natural.

Nah. East Asian ladies are sexier than Middle Eastern women.

Korea is known for their extensive use of plastic surgery! Oh the irony of these comments…,

Nah. Pretty much every country in Europe gets more plastic surgery than South Korea. Most of Europe is nothing but fake baps and fake butts. And fake faces.

Your delusional or Asain who keeps on telling him or herself that Asian women are hot. By the way Asian damsels are the highest when in comes to plastic surgery look it up if you like it or not most Asian chicks want to look white. They get their eyes surgery to look Caucasian. Also learn to spell.

Indeed ironic!! Lol

Well, I’m a typical persian with ZERO surgeries. Even the ones w surgery, still have outstanding eyes, skin, hair and indeed womanish sexy personalities.

And re Korea I laughed my caboose off. The thickest country for cosmetic surgery in both genders is Korea. My hubby went there on biz recently and he was suggested surgery in the hotel. Lol. Let say you just like Asian women bc they act all effortless ( act) and you can’t treat the pursue persian ladies require.

Koreans have no culo. Nothing like lovely Filipinas…,

No no no this is all wrong how can Puerto Rico women be Low sexy ?? and not the same sexyness as Brazil and colombia, and look what they did to Dominican Rep they made half of it low sexy very likely coz of the earthquake! thats ditzy…, Looking at England its Low sexy i agree, maybe ! but USA is undoubtedly NOT low sexy aswell, thats rediculous!! Miami, LA com’on!…,.Holland and belgium theres no difference ! nor should there be inbetween portugal and spain…,. Italian women are just as hot as Eastern European n Russian women, Italy normal sexy ?? lol no way..Nigeria normal sexy are they takin the mick!? haha

Israeli women hammer Syrian, Jordanian , Yemanese and Emirati women, I think anyone that knows the beauty in these parts would 100% disagree with this map, Iran,Morroco Saudi Arabia and Lebanon shuld be very sexy ?? Thailand and China should deffo not be the same.. glad thats sorted!

Nah, I’d put China and Thailand above those other countries you listed any day.

very first bit agreed

but saudis like fat chicks there its the standard, same with moroccans unless upper class french influenced, iran just uses lotta nose jobs

says the overweight doll (you can see past comments where you say that’s the case). I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that he mentioned obesity bringing down certain countries. lol

Oooh good one…, how long did it take you to come up with that deeply hurtful and unique insult?

Ur FAT…,. admit it fatass, attention seeker…,get it? FAAAATTTT like Elephant FAAAAAAAT. Buffalo!

Honestly guys, get some life and better eyes. She is hot as hell

Go die in a fire!

this is ridiculous…,. most women in america are not wearing baggy jeans and roll flops all the time. neither are women in canada or europe. if you’re going to make that sort of idiot generalization, you must actually believe then in generalizing iran, your ‘,sexiest’ country.. therefore i guess you find women covering their faces up downright super-sexy. (not that all women in iran do this, but this is my point- generalizations are ridiculous).

It’s not just that a lot of American women are abandoning style, it’s that in most of these other countries, almost ALL women care about style and looking good every time they leave the house. You combine that with the obesity problems plaguing most of the west and you have your reaction.

and Iran is the sexiest middle eastern country. If you noticed I was putting up countries by region.

im astonished ukraine isnt on here but im guessing esonia and latvia hammer it in your opinion when it comes to e. european countries

Im not astonished Ukraine isn’t listed.

man…, what about brazil, just went this summer there…, it’s crazy!! similar to colombia

How about the Indian ones? They are prettier than the Iranian ones for sure!

u my friend need to head overseas

I LIVE outside my native country u twit…,. Stop being so ignorant.

In India you have to search for beautiful women, they are not a common glance as in the above ranked countries.

The country is most likely too puny for you guys to have been there or know much about their women, However women from Reunion Island should undoubtedly rank high on this list.

Dude have you ever seen Portuguese Womens. they’re hot. just go there in the spring or summer…,hot hot hot…,I don’t agree with that score.

You’re right, the best are amazing. But considering his criteria and how he evaluated the US, the median Portugese woman is just not that good looking, in comparison to many other countries, especially over the age of 28. His one mistake is Japan, where the top are maybe the top in the world, but the median is below average.

Japanese women are much more attractive now in 2015 when I was there than my very first tour in 1985…,..things truly switch…,

Este site teve uma atitude muito estupida ao inventar este ranking de beleza! Tenho a certeza que nao conhecem as Portuguesas de 2014…,O autor desta lista nunca deve ter saido da terrinha…,

Im from Argentina but lived in the States until I was 26. I have to say that in Arizona, I felt super hot, not that there werent hot damsels, but not like here. Once I came back to Argentina, gosh…, my self esteem went out the trash…, Every single damsel is skinny, has baps, an booty and of course, a beautiful face. So yeah, I do agree with your findings. And also about how bitchy most of the damsels are when approached by guys on a club or a bar.

Maybe because they get a ton of plastic surgery?

the plastic women are Brazilian and Colombian,

Puerto Rico in the lower tier? Are you guys smoking ganja? Ha hA! Man, we rank third in the Entire world for Miss Universe winnings! JLO, Roselyn Sanchez, Michele Rodrigues, Rita Moreno, anyone? Only Venezuela and USA outrank PR in Miss Universe winnings! Go to the island, and I assure you will leave with a wifey or a gf/mistress. Yes, Colombian women (specially in MEdellin) are off the hook-ditto for Brazilians! Butmy island in the low tier? Your definition of sexy is gay, dudes! Skinny Argentinians with 20 surgeries a beautiful woman does not make. Clever guys go for natural looks, not Kardashian clan-style artificial plasticity. Man up!1 USA8861[1]529572 Venezuela7664214393 Puerto Rico5[Two]1[Trio]2138204 Sweden3123416295 Brazil2512517326 Finland23511618

I’m from Argentina, most hot chicks I know don’t have surgeries, where did you get that notion? The rank is not defined by the amount of beauty contests the country has won but by the look of the average damsel you see on the streets. I may be biased here as well, but Argentina is certainly a country that has to be number 1 or Two.

Most of them do get surgery actually

Puerto Rico and Venezuela won several beauty

contest, but in Argentina, the common women are beautiful, even domestic

workers are stylish. The combination of Spanish, Italian, Irish, German genes, and

in some cases, a bit of indigenous genes, is just striking !

uum master here in Argentina there are not so many women with surgeries…,

All known for their high rates of plastic surgery. No thanks.

Lol a big bullshit, why egypt is sexier than neighbours and irak least sexier ? don’t make anysense , japan ethiopia hot I’m out lool

This is one of the stupidest things ive read in my entire life…, All that did this bullshit “investigation” if u can call it that way should be fired

This map was just discussed on Peruvian tv:

this is a fairly accurate map so props to u.

But Egypt according to Naughtynomad and obeisty data(cia world factbook) its worse then the states.(overweight isnt included and Bangladesh in the cities upper class the porportions of fatties are higher.)

i think Canada should be a Trio since we have good looking asian damsels and women in Montreal of course. Then again theres Toronto handicapping that.

what was ur practice with Bangladeshi upper class fatties ? Nosey to know,

how is ukraine n russia not the sexist?

I heard that estonia n latvia snt good anymore or am i misimformed

This is not a mongering map. It’s a most beautiful map. In which case he got it right on with his criteria and order Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine and Russian.

Rather the latter than the former.

Bolivian chicks as one of the ugliest in the world? Obviously you never put a single foot in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Everywhere in Bolivia they are hot as fuck in Bolivia

I don’t understand something…, Dominican Republic ladies are “normal sexy” in this map, but from the reports in the blog and the pictures you posted, they seem at least sexy. Is it a place with truly hot women or were you just bragging? (maybe we just have different points of view about sexy)

I actually agree with El Salvador having sexy women, they don’t stay behind. I come from Salvadoran parents and most of the women in my family have either big breasts or a big booty, some have both and with a pretty face. A lot of the ones I know also as friends are pretty hot. I am also a Salvadoran woman and I can’t deny I always have gotten good remarks and compliments about my curvy figure and face. I am not going to deny it, yes Salvadoran women they can be effortless and pretty flirtatious .

I agree with Valeska, Salvadoran women are fucking hot.

I wish some of you lovelies would like to come to Canada…,

what the fuck where is russia.

Considering his criteria, exactly where it should be. Yes the greatest Russians are amazing, but the average Russian damsel is not. The average Estonian or Latvian damsel could be a model in many countries. He got this spot on.

20nation, I congratulate you on your enlightened list. I don’t agree with all your choices, but your top 9 are inspired and not generic like so many other lists. As someone who has been fortunate enough to travel the world extensively, I would say there are only two you missed on by more than 1 level. Norway and Denmark have the greatest chicks top and everyday chicks I’ve seen after Estonia. The average Norwegian or Dane is much more beautiful than the average Japanese, even tho’ the top 10% of Japanese women are maybe some of the most beautiful in the world. But it’s only petite points compared to your beautiful and well researched choices of Estonia, Latvia, Vietnam, Angola, and Ethiopia. As someone has been to all those countries, you got those dead on. Well done and a good conversation starter.

Nah, the average Japanese woman is more beautiful than a fat Norwegian woman or ugly Dane woman.

about persian ladies i must say its not true that they are muslim i believe as a iranian citizen that they are easiest damsels to bang for foreigeners from west countries, attempt it you will see travel to the cities like SHIRAZ AND MASHAD hen you will find out you.

Not true at all.

European women are also more sexually liberated than other countries – what’s your opinion (boys) on this hook-up fever map of European countries?? http://www.121girls.com/sociosexuality-heatmap/

But most of them get plastic surgery.

Funny to see Daryush Verzideh (sp?) from Iran aka rooshv rank his own Iranian women so high. According to WHO, Iran has one of the higher average BMIs so many fatties there. This is in addition to the women getting uncountable plastic surgeries and buttering their faces with makeup. I guess he didn’t want to hurt his iranian mommy’s feelings. Additionally, the picture you’ve posted for Angola, the dame is ethnically east indian.

hey asshole.. I’m from Iraq and I’m told I’m very sexy by everyone so are my iraqi friends and cousins. as for your rating I’m pretty sure you had your statistic measures by american soldiers who only spent time with filthy cheap hookers…,.!

get your facts right. BTW the average Iraqi women breast size is c and average height is Five’Two and average weight is 130

so get your facts right dumbass.

wow Where is India,, they have stunning women ahead of Ethiopia Vietnam and Angola. come on be real here

Of all the countries I’ve visited, Croatia had the highest concentration of beautiful women. Almost every relatively youthful woman was gorgeous. Even my gf agreed.

I would have to disagree.

I would have to say you need reading comprehension. I specifically stated “Of all the countries I’ve visited”. Since you don’t know where I’ve been, how can you disagree? I stated an opinion based on my individual practice. You can disagree all you like based on your uninformed skill of where I’ve traveled, but the fact stands that the vast majority of the chicks I spotted in Croatia were lovely.

Now I see your game, you just like to disagree with people out of habit. I guess you feel falsely superior by telling you disagree with people, without having any basis in fact to support your contrary statements. You must be pitiful if that is representative of who you are as a person. Disagree with that all you’d like, too.

totally agree with article, just got surprise to not see Brazil on the list, in my opinion brazilian women are the most overrated in the world but guys always put then on top, very first time I’ve been in Argetina I followed in love so many times, they are pretty as hell.

This list deep-throats without North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Singapore. But kudos on including Japan.

I am persian ( from iran) and I feel hot everywhere, lived in Four continents. Boys of all races just love me ( same practice I share with other persian chicks). I must say we def have a better bum compared to the score.

The woman in Iran is one of the sexiest actress in India -_-

Umm I would grab two best women from mostly each country and have a party with all of them and with a DJ

venesuela have artificial women

Miss Universe Venesuela = Plastic Women

Miss Universe 2013

venesolana Gabriela Isler before and after surgeries

miss universe venesuela irene esser before and after surgeries

miss venesuela before and after surgeries

miss universo venesuela vanessa goncalves before and after surgeries

Hi guys and chicks,

I’ve travelled all over Europe and personally I think the Russian damsels are the most beautiful in Europe. Ukrainian do their parts too.

But I love the Romanian and Hungarian as well.. you can google them and you can see the beauty. Or just click here to have a very good example: http://www.luxusagency.com

Anyway I think beautiful ladies are all over Europe, but Eastern Europe is Eastern Europe.

I agree with Persian women ??

Where the Heck is Jess Davies?! She has such a Marry me please face…,so melting, glad I found her on http://thepornbuddy.com

You might as well add every Slavic and former communist country. Chicks in all the countries are stunning. Way more attractive than most women in western europe.

Of course, because Maduro the venezuelans ladies are ugly…, ja ja ja

Canada has the cuntiest women by country

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