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I have been doing this all hea , love music.

I have been doing this all hea , love music.

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About me: Hello well the name is monique I have a wonderful bundle of joy her name is joslyn she is why my heart strikes. I love my daughter more than words could ever explain. Im a funny, out going female who loves to have joy.. Im effortless to get along with but most of all im modest

Im real laid back, kno how to have joy and im a sweat pant gym soocks kinda chick dont be fooled i kno how to dress up sike naw j/p but yea if u can feel wat im sayin and u kinda relate Two how i get down come holla and make a fresh friend.

About me: I am going to school to become a paralegal. I have become tired of my situation and determined to do something about it. I have been working out for about 6 months now and loving it. I’m Five’6 and I now wair some size Four’s and size 6’s. I have been doing this all hea

, love music. Love meeting fresh People, taking pics, drawing, and reading. lol I would go anywhere if I could, just to see fresh beautiful places and people. So if you want to get to know me, you can, just add me and message me.

About me: i s00n will be attending phoenix college for their nursing program. i have a s0n he is Five weeks already and i love him more than anything in this world.i am single for once and am for the most part im liking it, t00 bad i cant truly g0 0ut and pa

Im just a chick. Ive been hurt. Ive been in love. I just been growing stronger day by day. from Oregon, just hit me up with whatever u wanna know = ) MyHotComments + Layouts MyHotComments + ayouts

About me: my name is maizurah . juz call me mai . bufday 23 nov 1991 . im malaysian . muslim . straight . im here for find more frendz , not Duo ! ! ! . only TRUE frendz are NEEDED . to all my frendz , nice to meet u . even , im not good in english , i’ll attempt to communicate

Well obiously my name is fabiola! and i take friendship very gravely! my friends that i drape out with are close to me unless they arent real friends but to me they r so I &,lt,Trio MY FRIENDS AND ALSO IF YOU HAVE SOMETHIN TO SAY ABOUT ME..SAY IT I DONT LIKE HEARIN RUMORS JUST SRTAIGHT UP

About me: Well im from belen i live with my boyfrind. turnd Legitimate this pased september Graduateing this year THANK GOD ..N3-WAYS. I like to chill at home or go rent movies with my boyfrind or sometimes we go out. I hate drama mamas, ditsie women, consised guys, and sissy La las

About me: hi everyone, my name is Nhi, but call me Tina. I’m fresh here, so i hope everyone can be my friends and help me. Thanks so much!! Post .. Get Heart Note Banner Post .. Get Heart Note Banner friendship

originally from Lebanon, I’m always smiling and always joking around to make others around me smile!! someone told me about this place, so i thought I’d check it out since i am always up for making fresh friends!

and i love to skateboard, string up out with friend and party here and there. I’m effortless going don’t like drama and dangle out with mellow / chill people. I listen to rock and punk music such as Transplants, The Explosion, Amber Pacific, Funk! At The Disco etc.

I’m certain &, know what I want in a women. I don’t pursue women, I have $ yes but who cares, people will like me for who I am. I have a excellent personality, very social &, creative- I like to do things that I like to do and because of which I accept the fact that some damsels won’t like it but that me!

well im a pot head i injoy smokeing weed and partying kicking back and working on my rail and i want a woman who i can chill with smoke a joint or blunt a fine lady in my passenger seat and a blunt in my arms thats all i need so do u like.

I’m a pretty laid back stud, I go to UW Sheboygan. I’m studying business and computer science. I hope to transfer to UW Milwaukee soon. I indeed like going to movies, and I like a lot of different types of music.

Lookin to have joy and meet some fresh people. &, I work to hardve joy chillin or going out it makes no diffrence to methey got that what you see is what you get attitude. lodge for a alternative punkrock and christinan crazed individual. And anyone who know how to have Joy. I love starlet staring&, more

The names Phu Mau. I am a movie editor, go to Rome High School with honors and ap classes, I have a production called The Phu Cat Productions, and I own a team called Team Phu Cat. I like making allies,

I just got back from Iraq and am liking my stay home from the parties.I can be described as a redneck if you got to know me youd know why. You can attempt and bluff me at poker but you’ll never win. Looking for a doll who loves to party and have joy.

Hmmm, what to say, what to say. Well, my name is Mick. I’m an artist of sorts and have a project or two undery. I’m a Christian , very first and foremost, albiet a bit different than most. I party and listen to rock and roll. I’ve got piercings and a tattoo. I’m sure I’ve got more to say.

Pretty straight forword person. Very effortless to get a long with. I’m a musician and very creative (in more ways than you may want to know). I love animals and people and have the utmost respect for nature.

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