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Describe yourself according to how your best friend or family members would.

Describe yourself according to how your best friend or family members would.

Social life is leisurely drifting away, people no longer value their time with friends and loved ones. The most common excuse is that of pursuing their career. They leave behind everyone needs a life playmate and getting an adequate one requires enough time. Dating sites have come in to make things lighter for people busy pursuing their careers to find a suitable life playmate.

Why Do People Choose Dating Sites ?

Sites like Facebook have been used for dating, which may be insecure. People get conned-of money and expensive gadgets which are emotionally and physically draining.

Meeting people online and at a private level are two different situations with different practices. Some would say one is excellent over the other, while some preach against it.

Here are some of the reasons why many people choose online dating:

  1. Fear of Rejection

Most people who use online dating sites fear being rejected in actual life. These sites are a safe haven for persons who fear rejection, and if any occurs, it does not hurt as much as an actual rejection. It is effortless to accept a rejection message than a turn off in a public place. Don’t you think so?

  1. Blind Dates Can be Annoying

We can all agree that there is nothing as bad as a gone-bad blind date, when you meet someone who is a total opposite of you, and no matter what you do, you do not click. These dates are usually organized by friends who ‘feel pity’ for their playmate less friend. Three-quarter of these dates completes up as the worst dating practices. Online dating permits you to choose the kind of person who matches your taste, saving you from the anguish of sitting next to someone annoying.

  1. Time Saving

Getting someone who would make a ideal match in a suburb area is like looking for a needle in the haystack, fairly tiring. With all the intense work and career at stake, extra baggage is not what anyone would wish for.

After work, a warm shower and nice meal would do anyone good. Going nightclubbing after a long day, hoping that ‘maybe’ you might run into someone who will make a flawless match is not pleasing. You might end up smooching all manners of frogs and toads before you get your ‘butterfly’.

This may take you a entire year, or you might never get anyone. Online dating sites save you all this drama.

  1. You Can Loosely Express Yourself

Online sites give one a chance to learn from the person they are pursuing. This gives them enough time to compose themselves and pick the right words to say to them. Imagine someone asking you why you like them and what your intentions for them are, a few minutes after meeting. This question always brings out the worst of even the best. Having time to organize and present you is one of the common factors leading people to using the internet to date.

  1. Enough Time to Know Someone

Unlike normal dates, internet dating gives people from different places quality time to learn about each other.

For people who hardly have time to mix with beginners, online sites help them schedule some time for ‘that person’ they like on the site.

Online Dating Dos and Don’ts

The most popular site where people meet online and date is Facebook. However, the cons and pros have developed fresh technologies to con people off items using such sites.


  • Do not fake

Whatever information you put online to describe you should be real. Do not make people like you because of lies. Be yourself and let someone accept you for who you are.

  • Do Not Display Crucial Information

If you are a high profile person, do not make the mistake of displaying content that might compromise you. Describe yourself according to how your best friend or family members would. By doing this, you are assured of getting a person who has best interests at heart. Do’s

  • Clarity

Let people know who you are by writing enough information in a brief manner. Your profile size should have just the right amount of information. Recall you are selling yourself and it should be in a right way.

  • Never Give Your Phone Number

Do not give your phone number unless you feel the person is trustworthy. This is because cons and pros can use your phone number to steal or do harm to you.

  • Meet in an Open place

After communicating for the right time, you can determine to have a real date. It would be wise to choose a place that is open and utter of people to avoid danger.

  • Keep things casual

Make things casual inbetween the two of you. It is like a blind date where you already know a few things about who you are meeting. Have a drink and talk for a while to know whether you can make something out of it. It is the very first date, and you may not like that person.

Dating Apps That Aren’t Connected to Facebook

This site has over 70 million users and is a potential place to get the flawless match. This would be a good place to attempt a date with different people.

Willow is a female predominated site, women get to ask the just one question in a day and fellows reaction it. It permits the ladies to reach to the particular guys whom they believe have given suitable answers.

Tinder is the most populated dating app. But to keep it with genuine people, they ask you to authenticate the profile with Facebook. So, it is almost difficult to use Tinder without Facebook. Realizing the privacy concerns, mostly people back out from it. However, you can use an extra Facebook account, or you can switch the privacy setting on Facebook related to Tinder app and keep it to “Only Me”.

Match.com is a site that enables you to know the kind of people checking your profile. It gives its users an pleasurable freemium practice, where they can set profiles and can flirt online.

This dating app has been used for a long time and has Tinder-like features that permit you to swipe.

This app is not like other dating apps, it permits you to invite friends to give suggestions on the person you choose.

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