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This came to just timid of $Ten on my order.

This came to just shy of $10 on my order.

Ultradot and Ultradot ‘Matchdot’

The Ultradot per the internets seems to be the broad dearest.

Ultradot ’30/Four’ w/ 30mm objective

Ultradot ‘MatchDot’ [Top of the range] w/30mm objective.

I understand that finding good 30mm rings is difficult but this may not be an item of concern as the units ship with rings. What say you?

Freedom has a flavor the protected can never taste.

USMC 8652, 2531, RVN Jun ’67, – May Sixty-nine

Those look to be very low which is optimal.

Freedom has a flavor the protected can never taste.

USMC 8652, 2531, RVN Jun ’67, – May Sixty nine

So instead I called a dealer. Who it turns out is the actual original patent holder that also acts as the US sales arm for the product. As told to me in fine detail by the customer service person.

* Ultradot West is a puny family possessed business .

I did not ask this but it came up early in the conversation. An item that is very close to my own heart myself being proprietor &, operator of a petite business and enthusiastic supporter of same.

Ultradot West does servicing on site. They also forearm test every unit prior to being shipped in the box for quality and function. The person I talked to actually does this herself as a secondary job task.

She stated to me that she wants to be clear on this because she has people calling to complain that they dropped the unit and put a dent in the tube expecting some sort of repair or fresh unit gratis. Ridiculous.

It is tho’ by design intended to withstand high g compels and is built with “a minimum of moving parts”.

I asked about slide mounting to a .45 ACP. She said this is common for their product and is not at all a problem.

I then asked about recoil as being mounted to a rifle, say as chambered in .223. Again response being not a problem and a typical end user application.

She strongly suggested tho’ that for high recoil firearms that I invest in quality rings. The rings as provided with the unit are an after thought with a $Ten street value. They will pass for use on a .22 to hold zero as per recoil coerces. But else wise well use your noodle as you get what you pay for. I responded that this should be a known among anyone with half a wit. To that she replied, “You would be astonished at what people don’t know.” Touche’.

I told her that is very unusual for the market. She agreed. I repeated the question only re-wording it to be sure that she was hearing me correctly. Again she replied yes, “It will hold zero as the dot size is switched”.

She went on to say that the device was specifically designed to support just this feature. She does not know the exact manner in whihc it is supported mechanically. But it as fact will support zero hold per dot switch.

To my understanding of the crimson dot market no other product will do this nor claims to do so.

I stated to this to her and she replied that is her understanding as well, and is a common question as well as response.

Major differences being that the MD is only available as a black and silver coloration while the UD4 is available as either black or silver.

The UD4 is available in either 25mm or 30mm tube diameter.

The UD4 has a maximal 16 moa dot. That dot is preferred by “plate shooters” (activity shooters for purpose of speed). It is totally futile to pretty much any other type shooter at distance or up close.

The MD is a UD4 30mm, with revised dot size options optimized for shooting with primary concentrate on accuracy at objects near and far.

She strongly suggested the 30mm tube.

Reason being that for bullseye shooting at distance be it conventional/international rules at 50 yard and 100 yard distant, having the larger tube permits for _quicker_ capability to pickup the target and to locate your center. The smaller tube is just 5mm smaller which looking at the tube is not very noticeable as it is to look through the tube. Also she noted that activity shooters much choose the 30mm tube option. This makes sense.

She went on to say that the only time she suggests the 1″ is when a caller states they had used their buddys 1″ tube and that they want to have same as per becoming acquainted to same. Or if they are used to shooting rifle through a scope with a 1″ tube and choose that, then well of course the 1″ tube remains an option across the line.

In my case I have no such prior preference. And I stated that I find looking through a tube as with other shooters crimson dots (Tasco) to be somewhat difficult, so that that she again strongly suggested for me the 30mm option.

<,See commentary toward caliber>,

USPS priority two day. And she promised to ship my specific unit out within the hour as a favor for me so that I could have it very quickly. Very nice.

I asked if they support discounting for instructors, and collective with her my various credentials. Which I also suggested to backup and prove by forwarding copies of my IDs by fax or e-mail (PDF).

She on the spot gave me a 5% discount on top of an already listed ‘20% off sale price’. This came to just timid of $Ten on my order.

I found the woman who answered the phone to be exceptionally friendly and courteous, as well as both product knowledgeable AND industry aware.

Sadly this to my practice among the firearms industry has been uncommon.

This call and notably an practice I’d recently had with Hogue customer service (Roni &, Monica) stand out to my mind as being exemplary!

I was however so affected with the customer service persons report and manner that I on the fly made a snap decision to buy. I never (!) do this.

I’d waffled for four months on a set of Magrips from Hogue before pulling the trigger. Here I had not heard of this product past 48 hrs. ago and I talk to this person and was that affected.

No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

More info to come.

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