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Top Ten Dating Sites With The Highest Success Rates

Top 10 Dating Sites With The Highest Success Rates

People nowadays spend more time online than anywhere else. On average, people spend 40 hours a week online. The current trend in socializing is through online technology because aside from the fact that it is convenient to meet people online, it could also save them time and money. In addition, it can save them the hassle of meeting people for dinner and be left to deal with an awkward moment with someone they know nothing about. Thus, the requests for dating sites have enhanced in the past few years. Due to such requests, some online sites provide paid services to make their clients’ online dating services much lighter and with optimum results.

Here are the top online dating sites with the highest chances of actually meeting and developing a relationship with someone.

Lovestruck.com is an online dating site with more than 40,000 online users. A lot of the users claim that they have met and dated people thanks to its online dating platform. They even have an iPhone application that would alert users whenever any of the members are nearby. Registering to the site is free, but being able to use the communication device requires a membership fee. Most members’ complaints are about how the company charges and renews subscription. This is something that users must be aware of. On the bright side, Lovestruck.com is a site that is not prone to online scams that charge members only to spam their inbox.

9 . Slew of Fish

Slew of Fish is a free online dating site that boasts around 50,000 fresh singles every day. This site was created by Markus Frind. It is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The site was able to generate online traffic of Five.Three million visitors in February 2011. That amount of traffic makes the site a popular place to fish for a mate. However, albeit finding a date is not so hard on this site, the matches are not the ideal ones that are requested by the clients. Since it is a free site, matchmaking would be under the user’s own responsibility.

8 . Christian Mix up

Christian Mix up is a dating site sensational only for white Christians. Dating could be a difficult task for those seeking a common ground when it comes to their religion and beliefs. This website offers this common ground when searching for singles who share the same faith. However, the site does not ensure that all the members are Christians. It does not provide an intensive screening for all members especially those who are registering for free.

7 . JDate

JDate is an online Jewish dating site that provides a common ground for the Jewish community. Browsing for members on the site is free, but signing in will require a membership fee. There are several notable members in the site. Steve Hofstetter, an American actor and comedian, met his wifey on JDate. For the Jewish crowd, this site has the highest Jewish members as compared to other dating sites. The probability of finding a Jewish date is higher due to the large member database.

6 . Chemistry

Chemistry.com is noted as one of the top legitimate online dating sites on the web. The site offers a free personality test that will gauge which type of a man or woman you will be able to get along with. The site does not permit everyone to connect and see each other, only those that have similar personalities that will match your description. However, the downside to this is that it eliminates the possibility of meeting someone that is not a match to your personality. Thus, the adage, “opposites attract” is not applicable here.

Five . Passion

Passion.com is a free online dating site that has a very high response rate. The template of the website is appealing and user friendly. It also caters to clients all around the world and permits one to search for members who are in proximity. Passion.com is known for decent members who are gravely looking for long-term relationships. Depending on your preference, Passion.com will help you look for the ideal match.

Four . Ideal Match

Flawless Match is a very applauded online dating site that assures a high response rate when it comes to e-mails and setting up a date. On a test conducted for the site, there is a 63.7% response rate when sending an email to another online member of the site. Despite critical reviews from previous members of the site, it offers promising results to those who are looking to date someone from the opposite hook-up. The downside to this site is that if you are particularly looking for a decent catch, you will have to look tighter and be a bit more patient.

Trio . eHarmony

eHarmony is a paid online dating site that has also been tested as a legitimate site. eHarmony has an extensive ‘Personality Profile’ that matches you to the right woman or man. This personality profile will match you only to women who are of similar profile as you. The site has a 68.6% email response rate. According to members, the majority of the women that are found on this site are those who are polite and decent. Weeding through the crowd will be an lighter task when looking for that special someone through eHarmony.

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