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, love music. Love meeting fresh People, taking pics, drawing, and reading. lol I would go anywhere if I could, just to see fresh beautiful places and people. So if you want to get to know me, you can, just add me and message me.

About me: My name is Lindy,and no that is not brief anything that is my actually name.and have a beautiful baby boy name Bryden Charley and i couldnt be more satisfied with him, he is the best baby in the world.im a senior in high school and i have a job at pizza hut.and i

love intelligent conversation, working out, dancing, i love the beach, the ocean, warm weather,i like to be challenged and love art, philosophy, the outdoors, sports, music. drive budweiser trucks part-time while the rest of my time is spent running a babysitter business. hm wonder if anyone reads this

About me: my name is maizurah . juz call me mai . bufday 23 nov 1991 . im malaysian . muslim . straight . im here for find more frendz , not Duo ! ! ! . only TRUE frendz are NEEDED . to all my frendz , nice to meet u . even , im not good in english , i’ll attempt to communicate

About me: hi everyone, my name is Nhi, but call me Tina. I’m fresh here, so i hope everyone can be my friends and help me. Thanks so much!! Post .. Get Heart Note Banner Post .. Get Heart Note Banner friendship

About me: Well im from belen i live with my boyfrind. turnd Eighteen this pased september Graduateing this year THANK GOD ..N3-WAYS. I like to chill at home or go rent movies with my boyfrind or sometimes we go out. I hate drama mamas, ditsie ladies, consised guys, and sissy La las

Im just a damsel. Ive been hurt. Ive been in love. I just been growing stronger day by day. from Oregon, just hit me up with whatever u wanna know = ) MyHotComments + Layouts MyHotComments + ayouts

About me: i s00n will be attending phoenix college for their nursing program. i have a s0n he is Five weeks already and i love him more than anything in this world.i am single for once and am for the most part im loving it, t00 bad i cant truly g0 0ut and pa

About me: Hey yall its bitney AKA milk dud. I have no kids! In a commited relationship with my boo lester ! but that dont mean i cant have friends 🙂 Im sexy thik with brown long hair and beautiful brown eyes! Im from the D and im always reppin my town! Im alwa

Well obiously my name is fabiola! and i take friendship very gravely! my friends that i suspend out with are close to me unless they arent real friends but to me they r so I &,lt,Trio MY FRIENDS AND ALSO IF YOU HAVE SOMETHIN TO SAY ABOUT ME..SAY IT I DONT LIKE HEARIN RUMORS JUST SRTAIGHT UP

I’m about 6′ tall. I live in St.Clair. I love music. My most latest fascination is the acoustic guitar. I love various types of rock music. I’m also a nerd. I play D&,D, MtG and love anime. I’m also a big softy.

Uhm.. Descriversi non è mai banale. In fondo puoi dire solo quello che pensi di te, non come gli altri ti vedono, che è il motivo di questo riquadro. però. proviamoci! 🙂 Al di là degli aggettivi, mi piace stare in giro, uscire con gli amici, e sono interessato a tutto..

In 1985, Sam Kinison and Rasputin formed together like Voltron to create. ME. According to the people I suspend out with, I’m the funny one. I guess. I’m pretty laid back, I LOVE movies. I also like bar-hoppin, and goin to the beach. If you havent noticed by now, I also have terrible grammar.

Lookin to have joy and meet some fresh people. &, I work to hardve joy chillin or going out it makes no diffrence to methey got that what you see is what you get attitude. lodge for a alternative punkrock and christinan crazed individual. And anyone who know how to have Joy. I love starlet staring&, more

Pretty straight forword person. Very effortless to get a long with. I’m a musician and very creative (in more ways than you may want to know). I love animals and people and have the utmost respect for nature.

Would like to meet intellectuals that can keep up a good conversation. I’m a very busy, outgoing person that’s why I am on here.. lol jk. i’m THAT bad boy your momma warned you about!! LIVE LIFE ON THE EDGE!

well i am spontanious, corageous, the life of the party, i love to laugh and love to make the people around me laugh, i dont need everything in the world to make me blessed, i am very friendly and very helpfull to others 🙂

I’m a Digital Effects Animation major at RMC Chicago. I mainly enojy kicking back with my beloved tunes, drawing, playing my guitar, and keeping up with friends. I listen to anything rock and a I’m pretty versatile jack of all trades. Other than that, you’ll have to find out for yourself.

My name is Matt. I am at AIT for the army. I am a mechanic for the military. I have a lot of practice in that catagory already. I have two tattoos, one of barbwire on my right arm and one of a sparkplug on my right calf. If you would like to know more hmu.

Hmmm, what to say, what to say. Well, my name is Mick. I’m an artist of sorts and have a project or two undery. I’m a Christian , very first and foremost, albiet a bit different than most. I party and listen to rock and roll. I’ve got piercings and a tattoo. I’m sure I’ve got more to say.

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